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By: NS Kennedy

While dogs tend to get lots of exercise, cats are often left to their own devices, having to find their own ways of exercising if they are kep(read entire article)
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By: n
"How To Keep Your Cat Healthy - Cat Feeding Explained"

Cats have a reputation for being finicky eaters, but that is usually a distortion of the(read entire article)
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By: NS Kennedy

Even with the best care, cats can become ill. Sometimes this means a simple "kitty cold," at other times the disease might have a more lasting(read entire article)
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By: NS Kennedy

Many people think cats are asocial, but in fact they are very social animals. They bond with other cats in their house or neighborhood, their (read entire article)
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By: NS Kennedy

Imagine that you are scolding your cat for scratching at your new furniture, and Kitty is sitting staring at you. Suddenly you realize how sil(read entire article)
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By: NS Kennedy

Even the most dedicated cat lover has little patience with a cat that doesn't use its litter box. Yet, patience is the key to creating litter (read entire article)
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By: NS Kennedy

* Lock things up that could cause harm
* Keep the washer/dryer door closed at all times
* Honk the car horn before starting it up
(read entire article)
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By: John R. Falk
“Put Your Commands On A Diet”
John R. Falk

Can a dog understand our language? If so, how much of it? The question poses possibly as m(read entire article)
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By: NS Kennedy

Animal welfare organizations and humane societies have been very successful in helping people to accept that their cats are safer living exclusive(read entire article)
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By: yuping
"The beauty of this promotion(read entire article)
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