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By: Steven Hutt
Think about it. Contact lenses are very popular. Here in the United States alone, there are some 36 million who wear them. And for the smart folks who choose 1 Day Acuvue Moist, they are getting the clearest, most comfortable, and most convenient contacts around. Wear them once, and then toss them away at the end of the day!

For many people, the decision to select contact lenses is rather simple---they would rather not wear glasses for appearance's sake. But there are certainly other sound reasons for wearing contacts. Optometrists would suggest that contact lenses allow for a wider field of sight, because they do away with the frames of the eyeglasses.

Eye experts also note that with the lens so close to the eye, contacts provide more comfort and a more realistic size of objects than what is seen through a pair of eyeglasses. Contact lenses are also weather-friendly. In other words, lenses do not 'fog-up' from rain, sweat, or sudden changes in temperature.

There can be a few disadvantages with putting in contacts, however. There's the sensitivity factor, dryness issues and for allergy sufferers, difficulty dealing with the itch and irritation.

But there is an easy solution---1 Day Acuvue Moist, a step-up from all the other daily disposable contact lenses. The key is in the formula. It's the only daily disposable lens with Lacreon™, a special technology containing a moisture-enhancing catalyst that keeps contact lenses feeling fresher and wetter, longer. These soft lenses also provide a high level of UV sun protection.

The benefits of this special daily disposable contact lens are many, including no care and no maintenance, no lens solution, etc. Remember: You'll never have to worry about cleaning or maintaining them. Plus, each box sold contains 30 lenses individually packaged for 1-day use. A one-year supply is equal to 24 boxes, or 12 boxes per eye.

Liz Segre explains in an article, 'Disposable Contacts: A Healthy Choice,' that disposable means, just that----throwing them out at the end of the night, and starting with a fresh pair in the morning. Eye doctors say this is the absolute best and healthy way to wear contact lenses:

"Protein, calcium, and lipids and other substances found naturally in your tears can build up on your lenses," Segre says. "These deposits make your contacts less comfortable than when they were new, and can also make your eyes more prone to infection."

Lenses can be cleaned, she adds, but cleaning is not 100% effective. Some deposits can accumulate over time. With a disposable set, problems are eliminated.

On an interesting note, a recent study funded by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, took a look at resuable contact lens wearers frustrated with ongoing issues of redness, irritation, dryness, and discomfort.

Research concluded that merely switching over to daily disposable contacts would remedy the problem. The study tested 316 reusable contact lens wearers. Once these participants were refitted with daily disposable lenses, dramatic results occurred---the discomfort during wearing time dropped by 35%, and the ongoing dryness problem lowered by 19%.

And if you're active in sports, these contacts are ideal for you. You get better peripheral vision without an eyeglass frame around your eye. If you take a hit, eyeglasses could shatter, causing injury. Plus, contact lenses won't get in the way of protective sports gear, should you need to put those on. At the end of the game, you can throw them out, too.

If you're anxious to wear daily disposable contact lenses, make sure you follow the smart, sensible path. Your first step-- see an eye doctor. Here in the United States, contact lenses are a prescription item and must be prescribed and properly fitted by a professional. Your visual needs, eye structure, and tears will all be evaluated to help determine the best lens type for you.


Steven Hutt is the Managing Director of VisionPros,ca, a Canadian online contact lens retailer that sells contact lenses like Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism. Learn how thousands of people a day in Canada are saving 50% or more on the cost of their contact lenses and glasses. Visit us at
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