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By: Stella Manson
Today's fashion rules are much more relaxed than those of the past. In fact, it is trendy to occasionally break those traditional cannons. It is perfectly acceptable to mix prints and patterns, and to forgo winter white. However, as free as society may be, there are still a few lines that should never be crossed. With that spirit in mind, the top ten fashion faux pas are discussed below.

Bra straps should be concealed. It is never acceptable to wear a full fitting bra with a strapless top. This rule includes transparent straps, which everyone can see. Fashionistas can opt for stick on cups and strapless alternatives.

Low rise pants have finally made an exit from the fashion world. As comfortable and cool as it used to be, the public no longer wants to see people's underwear. Any rise, other than super low, can be acceptable as long as it is executed with class.

An excessive amount of bling is definitely out. Accessories should be limited to one or two key pieces to avoid detracting from an outfit.

The rules about weddings and funerals still apply. In other words, it is not suitable to wear excessive amounts of white or black to a wedding. It is also not kosher to wear bright colors to a funeral.

Clothes that are too tight scream desperation. Pants should never create bulges or show every crack and crevice that a lady possesses. The same is true for tops, which leads to the next fashion faux pas.

Too much cleavage can look pathetic. Tops should fit appropriately and leave a little something to the imagination. A low cut top can be a fashion plus, as long as it is not too low and it is not paired with a short skirt. Together, the combination sends the wrong message.

Nude pantyhose belong in the trash can, especially when worn with open toed shoes. Colorful or textured tights are a perfect alternative, regardless of the shoes.

Dress codes still have a clock. Night wear is for nighttime, and day dress is for day. The occasion also matters. The outfit that looks smashing at a rock concert is not suitable office attire.

Cocktail dresses are not formal wear. Although it is fine to wear to some evening events, such as the theater, formal wear is completely different.

Baggy or wrinkled clothing looks sloppy. Unless intentionally designed with crinkles, all outfits should be pressed and somewhat form fitting.


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