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By: Graham Baylis
Many of us end up getting rid of our cars when we don't want them anymore, but when there are so many others out there doing the very same thing, we need to do whatever we can to get the best price for our cars. This means taking extra care when we are getting them ready for sale, and doing our research to ensure we get a fair price for our vehicle.

First of all, it's worth saying that if you ever buy a car that you think you might want to sell on one day, it makes sense to look after that car well. Often the things that will get you a good price when it comes to selling the car are things that you need to take care of over the long term rather than just a few days before you put the car up for sale.

For example, it's best to keep cars as smoke-free zones as this will be make it more appealing when it comes to selling it on. Maintaining your car on a regular basis and keeping on top of MOTs and other repairs is also important. Being a careful driver and keeping the car in generally good condition will help you later on.

But what about the things you can do when you decide you want to sell? One good idea is to take pictures of all the different aspects of your car, as these will be hugely useful when you are advertising it for sale. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is never truer than when you are trying to make a sale. If you are able to show potential buyers that your car is in good condition, this will be much more effective than simply telling them that it is.

You might also want to do a bit of maintenance on your car prior to selling it. For example, getting it checked over by a professional garage to make sure it has a clean bill of health can be a good attraction for buyers as they'll know the car is in good condition. Cleaning it inside and out to make sure it looks its best is also important as no one wants to buy a car that looks grimy and unloved.

Now we come onto the issue of price. It's only natural that you will want to get the best possible price for your car, so make sure you do your research to find out how much that model is currently selling for. This will give you a good idea as to what your car is worth and what you can reasonably expect to make from the sale.

Finally, when you sell your car, if you are planning to list it on a website, make sure you do this through a reputable service. This will not only give you peace of mind over the sale, but it can also help to reassure your potential buyers when they are deciding whether or not they want your car, so the reputation of the service is definitely a key consideration.


At one time or another most of us have wanted to trade up in the motor car world, wanting that car with a bit more power, more space, or perhaps just because we want a change. Graham Baylis has changed his car quite a few times in the past and provides some up to date advice on getting the best price for his car, courtesy of
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