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By: Stella Manson
Shoes are the traditional fashion obsession of women, and whether this is true of you personally or not, it is important that you have a shoe collection that matches your lifestyle needs. From the trendiest pair of pumps to entirely utilitarian garden boots, each pair of shoes carries a heavy load of responsibility. No matter the style of shoes and type of situation where they are worn, they have to be comfortable and practical, protective and easy to walk in. It may be argued that practical shoes don't need to be cute, but it is true that you'll feel better if you are wearing something pretty.

Analyse your lifestyle and your own shoe collection. What kind of shoes do you like best? What styles do you turn to day after day? Are heels are required for your office job? Do you always put on a pair of ballet flats when you come home? Are you the person who spends lots of time in the country and need shoes that can get dirty? Then take a look at your shoes. Whether you are a collector of shoes or never manage to get around to buying new ones, there is a pretty good chance that you mainly rely on a couple of pairs. Before you go shoe shopping, find out what kinds of shoes are the ones you get the most use out of. If you already have dozens of pairs of colourful heels, but spend most of your time in the classic black pumps, don't give in to the temptation to pick up those bright, happy shoes. Instead, invest in a few more pairs of the classic black heels, since you wear them daily. Find the lack of balance in your shoe wardrobe and shop to supply the demand.

No matter what the day to day demands for shoes are in your life, there are several staples that everyone should own. Unless your wardrobe is entirely in a cool or warm colour scheme, you'll want to have two pairs of each style, one in black and one in brown, so that whatever you wear will match your outfit. A pair of good dressy heels are needed for special occasions. Comfortable, basic flats get you by day to day for errand running and visits with friends. One pair of nice, high boots are good for the colder seasons. Throw in the rain boots, work shoes and trainers you need, and you'll have the perfect base for the shoes collection of your dreams!


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