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By: Steve Weber
Psoriasis, a skin disease, is chronic by nature and is very common among Americans especially Caucasians. Not all patients develop arthritis. However, 80% of Psoriatic patients have to deal with arthritis soon after the 1st attack of Psoriasis or 10, 15 years later. A rare 15% of Patients have arthritis that precedes Psoriasis.

The signs of Psoriases are easy to notice. Red, scaly patches on the skin accompanied by a burning or itching sensation, especially near the joints. When, Psoriatic symptoms are no longer in the picture people conclude they are cured, forgetting that it is a chronic condition. This idle period is actually the calm before the storm. The next storm can be in the form of another Psoriasis attack or a Psoriatic Arthritis attack.

The symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis are quite similar to Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Morning Stiffness, Swelling in joints, fatigue, progressively decreasing mobility are some of these. However awful, these symptoms are still controllable and relievable if proper treatment is given at the right time. Else, complications that arise may not always be reversible.

Negligence by the patient can lead to deformities in joints, especially in fingers, toes and knees. Inflammation can occur in the iris and the conjunctiva of the eye. If not monitored carefully, it can cause permanent damages including blindness. This is one of the main reasons why early detection is important for Psoriatic Arthritis. Treatment has to begin during the initial stages of the disease. When the signs of Psoriasis appear, consult a doctor immediately as they are aware of the dangers and will keep a note of it.

The general procedure is a six month wait before confirming Psoriatic Arthritis. But you do not have to wait for the results to begin treatment. If Psoriasis does not develop into a Psoriatic Arthritic condition, the doctors will continue treatment and prescribe medications to prevent recurrences. It is not practical to stick to the same doctor for the rest of your life though you can safeguard your old medical records. This will make the diagnosing of future sicknesses more effective. It is unfortunate, but it is thought that glucosamine supplements are of no help for this version of arthritis.

Another benefit is the ability to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Treating your joints when there is only pain during movement is better than treating them when there is pain and decreased mobility. If you treat a disease when it is just beginning to immerge, it gives you an opportunity to be prepared for the rest of the journey. Once you know what you are dealing with it is very easy to put a saddle on it.


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