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By: Steve Weber
One year to us is seven years to our dogs. All of a sudden it seems that our dog slows down, gets arthritis, needs periodontal care and any number of things requiring our help and attention. By being responsible we need to be aware of what is happening and how we can best prevent any worsening of new health condition.

Different breeds are prone to different health issues. Some dogs will become more aggressive, even though this is uncharacteristic. Grumpy ol' men applies to dogs too! The reason for this is that they may have arthritis pain in dogs, sore gums, impaired vision, or poor hearing.

He may develop hardened skin on the tail and elbows, especially if he's used to sleeping on a hard surface. A softer bed would be appreciated as he's probably lying around a lot more than usual.

Diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, gastrointestinal problems and heart and lung problems are possible illnesses that happen to older dogs too. When you notice any unusual symptom it is critical that you take your dog immediately to your veterinarian. Any delay or neglect will only cause more pain and cost.

You need to feed him less. He won't be using the same energy as before and just like us, he'll put on weight. Calorie intake is important. On the other hand, he may lose his appetite along with weight. His coat will lose some of the shine and you'll notice his hair turns white around the mouth.

Your dog may start soiling inside the house. Frequent, short walks will be better now. He may become disorientated and will need reassurance from you that he is safe and loved.

There are many various illnesses that could occur as your dog gets older. Pet stores offer quality nutritional supplements to help and maintain good health. Your veterinarian will be glad to suggest the best course of treatment for any oncoming illness. Regular checks ups are highly recommended.

One of the most common ailments is canine arthritis. Stiffness, limping, reluctance to get up quickly, are signs that this is joint pain. Although there is no cure for arthritis there is much we can do to control this disease. Liquid glucosamine is a natural supplement which aids in repairing the soft tissue surrounding the joint. Sprinkled on food and used daily, improvement can be seen within a few short weeks. There are no harmful side effects and this has proved to be a very popular and beneficial.


On our site we offer info about older dogs such as using glucosamine to treat dog arthritis. It's a safe and effective way to make your dog's life more enjoyable.
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