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By: Steve Weber
How many times have you seen people trying to escape the process of growing old? Women look in the mirror and sigh, looking at their wrinkles and men feel intimidated by the loss of stamina. You try to catch up with age by applying creams and visiting beauty parlors or taking pills, but at one point or the other you have to accept the fact that it is going to catch up with you. So, is that all to aging? The answer is No.

Say Hello to the fearsome Arthritis. Arthritis is a joint disease. It is the result of an inflammation of the cartilage, tendons and muscles connected to the affected joint. Since the target group is between the ages of 30 and 50, it is quite clear that Arthritis is not the result of aging. Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that aging, causes cells to become weaker. Being in this situation, if a person gets attacked by Arthritis, dealing with it is not going to be an easy task.

The cause for Arthritis is a world famous mystery. A hereditary pattern, though visible in some patients, cannot be considered as the prime cause for this disease. Nonetheless, a patient in the family should always be seen as a wake up call for others. Fighting Arthritis can be an awful experience. They say you never know the value of something until you have lost it. Joints may seem like a minor part of your body until Arthritis strikes.

Every single activity concerning that particular joint will make you swear a hundred times. It is definitely a killer. Well, not literally, but no other word seems to give a better explanation for the pain. Particularly if the lower body is affected, even the simplest tasks such as bending, sitting, squatting, jumping, jogging, running and even walking will seem practically impossible to perform without any pain. Sometimes the pain doesn't need to play the major role. The joints can become so stiff you might not be able to even move the leg, hand or hip.

Fortunately several treatment methods are available. Surgery is on the plate but surgical wounds may take a longer time to heal in older patients. This will only add to your troubles. To this reason surgery is taken as the last resort by most rheumatologists. Other treatments include medications, exercises for arthritis, diet and natural applications such as glucosamine supplements.

Just imagine having to deal with Arthritis while experiencing the other consequences of aging. Stop breaking your knuckles and say goodbye to an unhealthy life style. It may be an inevitable disease but not uncontrollable.


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