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By: Daniel Travis - Brown
Our homes contain everything that we each hold dear; our loved ones, prized and sentimental possessions, valuables and much more. Ensuring your home is secure and safe for your family is certainly at the top of the 'to do' list when auditing the state of your home as burglars are always on the lookout for opportunity and weaknesses in the structure of your house. So, how can you identify and secure as many of these weak areas as possible? Let's take a look at some simple ideas that could help make your home a much safer and burglar proof place to live.

Be sure to close and lock all windows and doors when possible, especially at night. Whether or not you are visibly in your home often does not deter thieves and an unlocked door or windows allows a quick 'in and out' often resulting in the loss of personal possessions.

Put up a fence in your front and back yard; even though fences are easily scalable they put a psychological barrier in between thieves and your home. This creates the illusion that the property is less of a target than another home that is without a fence.

Installing a decent alarm system around all main entry points to your home is a great way of stopping a robbery occurring once thieves are inside your home. Motion sensor alarms are a popular means of home protection, and with good reason; they are hugely effective at picking up unusual movement at night and activate a warning tone to send burglars running

Home surveillance cameras are great for two reasons; they will record any activity occurring around your home, even at night and they act as a great deterrent. Anyone who sees a surveillance camera around the main entry points of your home will clearly understand that you are security conscious and that more security is likely to lie ahead. If any break-ins or damage were to occur the footage could be used against the thieves and you could soon have them searching for criminal defence solicitors, so be sure to install the camera systems around main entry points to your home.

Consider buying a dog. It's fair to say this only applies if you like dogs and you are willing and responsible enough to care for it. Dogs act as fantastic alarms; they have a natural ability to pick up on unusual sounds around what they consider their home and will not hesitate to alert their owner to any strange activity. Remember; only bring a dog into your home if you are willing to treat it with the love and care it deserves.

So there we have some simple tips and ideas to help you create a more burglar proof home!


Written by Daniel Travis - Brown on behalf of and for more great articles follow Dan on Twitter @DanTravisBrown
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