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By: Reil Miller
The American Eagle gold coin is usually sold at fifty dollaars and it sells for a premium over the current price of gold. These coins are considered one of the world's most beautiful type of gold coins. The American Eagle gold coin has a Liberty design made by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The reverse side of the coin is designed with a "family of eagles" thsu gicing it the nickname "gold eagles". The American Eagle gold coin comes in four various sizes. Some of the sizes are 1/10th oz gold eagles and sold for five dollars and is 16.5mm in diameter, 1/4th gold eagles and sold for ten dollars and is 22mm in diameter, ½ oz gold eagles and sold for twenty-five dollars and is 27mm in diameter, and 1 oz gold eagles which are sold fifty dollars and is 32.7 mm in diameter. The value of the American Gold Eagle coins are dependent on supply and demand and the current gold price. For this reasons, the exact value of gold is not provided by different companies.

As compared to gold bars, gold coins are more expensive when it comes to the content of gold. Furthermore, this is because gold coins are more expensive to manufacture. On top of all these, investing in gold coins is the best and safest methods to invest in gold. This is because the benefit of investing gold coins over gold bar is that it tends to build more numismatic value over time. For this reason, the more the coin gets older, the more numismatic value it will build once it is kept in good condition.

This also means that they have higher purity content as compared to normal coins and they will continue to grow in value as time passes. Owning gold is one of the best methods of increasing the value of your portfolio and buying bullion coins is an excellent method to start investing in gold. A gold coin dealer also offers gold bullion coins such as South African Gold Krugerrand, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, $4 Stella, $20Saint-Gaudens, $10 Indian Eagle, $5 Indian Half Eagle, $3 Indian Princess, $2.Indian Gold Dollar Type III, 50 Indian Quarter Eagle, and a lot more.

When you purchase American Eagle Gold Bullion coins, The U.S. government can guarantee you with a bullion coins which are better in content, weight and purity. This makes the American gold Eagle coins recognizable and widely accepted as a major investment in the market and not just recognized as the America's official investment-grade gold bullion. Aside from this, gold eagles make a good investment with stability. In fact, this type of gold coin has the capacity to hold its value despite the economic ups and downs.

This is because their value often moves independently of stocks and bonds. The 1 oz gold eagles might help you start your investment today. In addition, gold eagle coins can easily be converted into cash in most coin and precious metals dealers due to their worldwide recognition and government backing. You can be at ease with your purchase or sale because it is private and non-reportable. You can be assured that you can sell them with great confidence and without any delay or added expenses for assaying.


Rei Miller is a freelance writer who writes for precious metal dealers such as United Rare Coins
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