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By: Nicksmith
There is an active campaign in Australia, undertaken by the beach goers and surfers, supporting the necessity of intensive sun protection, with a rather praiseworthy catchphrase, which says, “Slip, Slop, Slap or Die!” When expanded, this slogan literally means, slip on a sun protection shirt, slop on some sunscreen lotion all over yourself and slap on a broad brimmed hat, in order to protect yourself from sunburns and other fatal effects of the UV radiation, like skin cancer and permanent eye damage. It is in this context that we will speak of surfing equipment, as being those essential requirements or surfer, which offers him maximum sun protection.

The need for Sun protective surfing equipment

The adverse effects of the UV rays have different impacts on different kinds of people, especially making those people vulnerable who are on certain kinds of medical prescriptions, which make them even more susceptible to the harsh effects of the Sun. The harm caused by UV radiation, includes premature aging among men and women, resulting from wrinkling of skin and sunspots, skin cancer and melanoma, and sometimes-permanent damage to the eyes, causing blindness. Moreover, medical conditions like lupus and melanoma worsened by prolonged exposure to the Sun. This is especially fatal to surfers, who must expose themselves to not only the wrath and rage of the turbulent waves of the sea, but the unwavering glare of the Sun overhead. This calls for active surfing equipment, which would include, besides his precious surfboard, a host of products, which would offer effective protection from the fatal UV radiation.

Types of surfing equipment which aid in sun protection

There are two types of sunscreens that could be used, as a part of the sun protective surfing equipment:

Waterproof sunscreens; that can easily withstand up to one and a half hours of swimming without being washed off and hence are more effective for professional swimmers and athletes and surfers.

Water repellent sunscreens are can generally withstand half an hour of swimming or being submerged, without being washed off.

Moreover, there are water repellent sunscreens, which can withstand the breaking sea waves for more than two hours without being washed off and are best suited for surfers who enjoy extreme surfing conditions.

Other sun protective surfing equipment would include:
Hands free face sticks are available as for surfers, which can simply be rolled all over the face without being dabbed on the hands first and hence are absolutely non-greasy and contain protection against both UVA and UVB rays and are water resistant. Lip balms are available for male surfers, while chaps tics are available for women, which protect the lips from being chaffed and contain moisturizers, Vitamin E, aloe Vera and a high SPF grade of 30. There are antibacterial creams for surfers, which not only provide sun protection but also help in healing reef wounds and other surfing related wounds faster, by using zinc compounds and preventing salt water from penetrating these wounds. Anti rash creams are also available for surfers with calendula compounds and other skin irritation suppressants, which help in soothing rashes. There are mint sprays that can provide a soothing effect on the bruised and stressed skin of surfers after a long day’s workout at the sea and contain aloe Vera extracts to rehydrate the skin. Specially designed clothing are also available that allow surfers to withstand the harsh rays of the Sun for long periods of time.

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