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By: Tom Fredrikson
Mobility is probably one of the most significant things in life, particularly for wheelchair users. Getting outdoors as you desire is definitely a liberating experience, even if it's just down the road or to pop to the shops. At this moment, most people in wheelchairs have the ability to go short distances in their chair within their local area, nonetheless it may be more challenging to get anywhere even further. That's exactly the reason , wheelchair accessible vehicles,or WAVs, were introduced. They make it possible for wheelchair users to be driven exactly where they'd want to go in the maximum comfort in a quick uncomplicated way. There are numerous great reasons to choose one of the many wheelchair accessible vehicles widely available, and understanding that, listed below are three of the best.

WAVs are very affordable (and may also sometimes be free)

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is usually one of the best liberating additions to a wheelchair user's daily life, but it may be off-putting if this comes at substantial expense. Fortunately, numerous WAVs are priced sensibly, and in many cases they might be acquired totally free or at a huge discount. The government's Specialist Vehicle system is an excellent method so that wheelchair users can obtain WAVs even when their spending budget doesn't allow it. This scheme evaluates the circumstances of individuals and might supply all or some of the cost of the WAV. They'll even present you with a completely new WAV after the lease period is up, and so the owner never should be concerned with the maintenance costs usually connected with long term vehicle ownership.

WAVs are specifically made for wheelchair users

No matter what manufacturer you end up picking, all WAVs are manufactured with the express goal of being comfy and easy-to-access for wheelchair users. From four-point wheelchair securing techniques, to auto-raising and lowering ramps, everything has been looked at with the perspective of a wheelchair user. Because of this, as opposed to standard road cars, a WAV is quick to gain access to, enjoyable to travel in, while offering lots of space. Some WAVs are actually specially designed to ensure the wheelchair user faces forward to enjoy the full view of the windscreen. This will assist for people who have problems with motion sickness - together with providing them precisely the same view as the driver, a liberating experience in itself.

Experiencing personal freedom and independence

Maybe the most significant advantage and reason to invest in a wheelchair accessible vehicle could be the freedom that they can offer. No matter if it's a Peugeot, Renault, or another manufacturer, just about every WAV offers an incomparable degree of freedom and choice to wheelchair users. These are what is sometimes called an 'enabler', because they permit wheelchair users a much better freedom of choice, whether or not that be to pop to the shops or travel across the country. A wheelchair accessible vehicle can enhance the quality of life for people in wheelchairs ten-fold, which is perhaps the greatest advertisement and endorsement they could get.


Tom Fredrikson writes many articles on a variety of topics. Follow the links if you would like to find out more about a disability car or mobility cars
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