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By: Jason Lom
If you own a home, it is probably your largest investment. So when the time comes to sell your house, it is critical that you take the necessary steps to get the most you can out of the sale. When selling a house, it always helps to work with a real estate agent that knows what they're doing. In addition, there are several other things to consider when it comes time to put your home on the market. 

The first thing to look at is exactly how badly you need to sell your home. Degrees of motivation will always vary depending on the individual. Some people just want to move to a bigger (or smaller) home, but they're not really too concerned about when that occurs. Sellers in this category can afford to wait several months and hold out for the price they want.

There are others who need to move right away because of a job transfer, family situation, or some other reason. In these cases, the seller will need to be much more flexible on their asking price. If you happen to fall into the category of those that need to sell their home quickly, a good rule of thumb is to price your home around 10% below the lowest selling price of recently sold comparables in your area. This pricing level will nearly guarantee you will receive a good amount of prospective buyers.

To make your home even more attractive, you may want to consider throwing in some extras that buyers don't normally see. One of the things that helps give buyers additional piece of mind is a home warranty that covers everything in the house usually for a year (though you can purchase for a longer period of time). These warranties are fairly cheap-generally only a few hundred dollars extra, but for some buyers who want extra assurance, the warranty could end up being a deciding factor.

Now, setting your price competitively and adding some extra incentives is only half the battle. You also need to make your home look attractive to the buyers. This starts with cleaning up the interior. Get rid of all personal stuff and store it away. Also, remove as much clutter and unneeded furniture as possible. The idea here is to make your home look as large and spacious as possible. Put a fresh coat of neutral colored paint, and do as many renovations to the inside as you can afford. If the interior looks roomy, warm and inviting, then the buyer will have a strong positive feeling during a walk through.

After you take care of the interior, you need to get the exterior in order as well. Keep the grass neatly cut and free of weeds-you may even want to hire a lawn care service for this job. Also, repair any and all blemishes on the roof, siding, and any other place outside. You want your home to have as much 'curb appeal' as possible.

Once you've taken all these steps, talk to your realtor about what other things need to be done to get your home sold. If you're working with a reputable real estate agent, their advice will be invaluable in this process.


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