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By: Michel Stevens
The days of auto shops being primarily the domain of men are largely gone. Most homes have two incomes, and according to a recent study, women make up 60% of the car buying community. According to, 65% of women take their own car to be repaired. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that women could make up a huge percentage of clients that could potentially make up your business. Add to this the likelihood that there could also be children in tow when you get visits from clients and potential clients, and you find yourself with the need to not only provide exceptional auto repair, but also the need to keep your clients entertained and occupied while they are waiting for their greatly valued possession to be complete. This is an excellent opportunity to treat your customers. Here are four ways that auto shop TV can improve customer satisfaction.

1. Opportunity to Educate

Since customers are essentially captive audiences as they wait, it's a great opportunity to provide them with educational information. Showing educational materials will increase their knowledge and help them understand their vehicles better. People like perks and things that are free which gives your shop something to set you apart from your competitors and presents your shop as knowledgeable as well as taking the time and making the effort to go that extra mile for the customers.

2. Staying Current

The playing field is different in the 21st century workplace and your field is extremely competitive. Modern amenities reflect success. Clients want to know that the auto shop that they choose is not only trust-worthy and competent, but also successful. Providing them with the opportunity to keep up with the stock market through the news and see current events shows that you are up to date as well as savvy. With TV for auto shops, you'll easily be competitive.

3. Meet all of Your Customers' Needs

Your client base is diverse and has many needs. One client may have children with them and providing them with ways to keep them occupied and entertained while she waits for her car will make her life that much easier. Someone may also need to watch the current sporting event while waiting or does not want to miss their local team's big game because they are out of town when they are in your shop. Providing them this service can set you apart and make them feel at home.

4. Makes Your Location "Sticky"

When people are designing websites, they seek to make the websites "sticky", meaning once a client is there, they want them to stay there. By providing auto shop TV, your customers will stay longer, providing you with more opportunities to increase sales and to educate. On off days or slower days, you can even run promotions with local sporting events or television premiers that allow you to offer discounts or pass out promotions.

With all the great channels you can get, your clients will always be able to find something worth watching which means your shop will stand out from your competitors. TV for auto shops will show your clients and employees that you are willing to make your shop a place people want to visit and come back to again and again.


Michel Stevens suggested DISH Network for auto shops when his friend opened his own business to keep all his customers happy. DISH Business has the packages from DISH Network for medical waiting rooms, offices and more you want. Visit for more information.
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