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By: Daniel Travis - Brown
It's fair to say that despite the differences in the modern stag do, there are sure to be certain aspects that are similar; most of which involve alcohol, gentlemen's clubs and the groom being stripped and tied to the nearest public structure. To many, this is the epitome of a successful stag do and is sure to create fond (or not so fond) memories for each of our sporting staggers to look back on, but for others, the perfect stag do consists of a more relaxed break and a short getaway before tying the knot.

There's no shortage of relaxing activities to take up for a more chilled stag do, so if you and your mates think it would be more suitable to plan something a little less exhausting then it's well worth sourcing a few locations that provide mellow activities. Let's have a quick look at a few weekend activities that will have the groom-to-be heading home relaxed and well rested.

Go Swinging

Or to put it less incriminatingly, go on a golfing weekend. Golf is a relaxing sport that encourages lots of time spent outdoors, in the sun. There are plenty of golf resorts that offer stag deals, with a full tour of the 18 holes and then food and drinks at the bar all included with the price of your accommodation. No need to rush out and buy everyone's golf bags; most resorts are happy to loan equipment to guests!

One way to ensure a quality golfing break is to book somewhere abroad; you really only have one shot to enjoy a stag do that heavily relies on nice weather, so be sure to book a resort in a warm location.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing has proved to be a fantastic activity for stag lads; fishing enthusiasts are sure to relish in the size and variety of fish they are likely to catch and with expert advice on-board, nothing can go wrong. These days are a great way to keep you and your mates enjoying each other's company and keep the lads together as a tight group. Do be warned however, deep sea fishing trips tend to take several hours at a time so make sure everyone on the trip won't suffer from sea sickness.

Hit the Races

An age old favourite! The horse races aren't really something to build a whole weekend around, unless you are overly attached to these equestrian shenanigans and your pals are made of money. Horse races are a great activity to include in a weekend mash-up of activities; it allows you to leisurely place a few cheeky bets and enjoy a drink or four at the bar before heading to your next destination.

Brewery Tours

Again, not the main point of your stag weekend, but certainly an enjoyable couple of hours! Here you can enjoy some quality banter with your pals and enjoy a variety of beers whilst learning how it's made and where it came from. Certainly one to consider for the lager enthusiast!

So there you are, a few simple ideas that can help you piece together a chilled weekend for you and the lads.


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