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By: nicksmith
In the extremely competitive world of today, importance of social media for marketing is not at all hidden from any of us. It becomes easier at the contemporary times to promote a product or a business using social media such as blogs, community sites, video sharing sites etc. Certain social websites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube etc are considered to be an important hub for marketing and therefore people involved in the business online are widely seeking such good and affordable marketing means.

Brand building is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing and even celebrities and sports clubs use the social media tool for brand building purpose because they find this marketing tool very cheap and most effective. Therefore, many companies these days are active in social media marketing to leave their competitors behind. There are many advantages of social media marketing for companies and brands which are as following:

• Business exposure – Companies can use social networking websites for lifting awareness about their brand and their popular products. Many of them also arrange special contests, freebies or special promotions dedicated to just a particular network such as Facebook and Twitter etc to gain tremendous business exposure.

• Increased traffic – Most of the online marketers believe that their business website experience increased traffic using social media marketing. It is also true that the social networking websites effectively removes a barrier between user and the company.

• New business partnerships – Social media for marketing help new business to increase partnership with other companies. Companies get a chance to interact with their existing customers and clients etc through the medium of social network. They can also increase their bonds with their customers as a result of such one-to-one interactions.

• Improved search rankings – It is easier for the companies to announce their new products through social networking websites. It has really given an improved search ranking to your website and business. Social Media is a cheap yet extremely effective way to launch new products to a massive market. At times, companies hint at future products through social networking websites even before the products are launched.

• Improved sales and customer satisfaction – Social media marketing helps in improving sales and customer satisfaction. There are many companies that provide support directly from their social networking pages. As these sites have more visitors every day so it is very easy for the companies to sort out their customer’ problems in a very transparent manner.

New methods of marketing including social media marketing have extremely made the market very competitive. So, social media and social networking websites play key role in the evolution of a company in contemporary age.

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