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By: Michael Griffiths
Do you find yourself not lacking in interest, but somehow, your efficiency leaves much to be desired? Perhaps you lack a few of these 10 efficiency-promoting activities which may enhance your productivity level. Start by truly and honestly assessing yourself and starting to make a few changes.

PRACTICE. In anything one does, constant practice and a determination to reach excellence is definitely recommended. While it is impossible to achieve perfection, constant practice brings one closer to it. It really takes persistence to work hard at a goal and maintain interest in constantly working hard. Practicing, or constantly repeating the process until one almost perfects it, makes the entire goal-reaching process much easier. In fact, there are instances when even if the skill level is not really there, practice sharpens whatever skills are present. Activity is the art, while practice is the science of improving the art.

REST. No person can ever go through lengths of activity without having to rest. Resting allows both the mind and body to recuperate from the stress, tension, hard work and physical demands of working. Remember that when you rest, you set your body and mind up to performing better on your next task. Never over-exert yourself, because the repercussions far outweigh the results. You are not a robot - and even if you are, robots still need battery changes every now and then. Don't abuse your physical limitations.

THINK/ANALYZE. How many times have you regretted decisions just because you failed to "give it much thought?" thinking gives a person the opportunity to assess which options are best, and which ones may bring him closer to failure. As the saying goes, if humans are meant to act merely on instinct, then the brain would not have been put above the heart - which controls emotions. Thinking sparks creativity, which in turn, results to increased efficiency.

EXERCISE. Walking serves as a good stimulant for both the mind and body. We trick our bodies into thinking that we are not in a static, non-changing environment, which therefore eliminates boredom - which is the main reason for lack of efficiency.

LEARN. No one can ever be efficient without proper knowledge. It's like a chicken running around with his head cut off. Learning improves intelligence, sparks curiosity, and inspires a person to perfection. The more you know, the more you can apply in your work, thus improving your chances of performing above par.

ORGANIZE TOUGHTS and ACTIONS. In everything we do, we must have a plan, a direction, a goal. There are various ways of getting to the goal, but organizing actions does help us in reaching it in the soonest possible time, using the most efficient ways, with the least amount of problems encountered. Thinking and organization come hand in hand.

FOCUS. No matter how great your planning is, no matter how much knowledge you have acquired, no matter how much resting or exercise your do, if you lack focus, you will still be led astray - thus encouraging inefficiency. When you resolve to do something, you must tackle it with extreme determination and focus - setting your eye on the prize. Focus keeps you on track, and eliminates the possibility of distraction.

START. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Stop dreaming and start doing! An idea is useless if you don't back it up with action. A goal is just a thought, unless you start working on it. No amount of planning will be successful if you just sit on your task list.

COMMUNICATE. Communication involves two things - speaking and listening. No efficient person shuns constructive criticism or honest feedback. Learn to listen to both the good and the bad. The most complex of problems can sometimes be solved by improving communication.

LEARN to FAIL. Failure trains you to be strong amid challenges. Most people who succeeded have failed numerous times before they finally did it. Persistence, and the ability to rise after a fall, is the stronger lesson - and not the success itself. When you have learned to manage failure, you will be more courageous to face even the toughest of tasks which lead you to supreme efficiency. Don't give up!


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