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By: Adrianna Noton
If a person suffers an injury that causes disability that person should hire a personal injury lawyer because that person might be entitled to money damages from the party responsible for the injury sustained. There are many attorneys willing to take a case that involves money damages. But, it is important to ask the right questions when shopping for the right legal counsel.

This is the age of specialization so it makes sense to hire an attorney who has the appropriate experience. Some attorneys specialize in car accidents while some attorneys specialize in medical malpractice cases. Ask the attorney what fees he charges for his services, most charge a percentage of the settlement.

If the attorney charges a percentage of the settlement ask if that includes costs for expert witness testimony and other costs incidental to the lawsuit that most plaintiffs fail to take into account. Most plaintiffs have a common complaint when they are asked about how they are treated by their attorney. The most common complaint plaintiffs have is that their attorney keeps them in the dark.

The plaintiff who is kept in the dark can easily develop anxiety because he is left to wonder what is going on with his case knowing that his financial future could hinge on his lawsuit. Attorneys do not intentionally keep their clients in the dark most attorneys have a caseload so heavy that they have little time to keep their clients updated about every nuance that affects their client's situation. Still, it is important to ask an attorney, during the initial consultation, how he plans to keep the client updated.

Have the attorney put in writing how he plans to keep the client updated, whether that is a daily call from a legal assistant or paralegal, or an email sent from the law office whenever there is a significant development in the case. If the contract includes how the client will be kept updated the client can hold the law office responsible for the updates. Choose an attorney who has extensive trial experience because not all cases are settled out of court.

An experienced attorney should be able to determine how much money the plaintiff should expect to be awarded if the plaintiff wins the lawsuit. Most plaintiffs have no idea of how much their claim is worth because they are unfamiliar with the legal process. But, the attorney should be able to calculate damages based on lost earnings, medical bills, and money damages for pain and suffering.

If the plaintiff has suffered permanent disability, damages should include lost earning capacity. There are times when an expert has to make the determination of lost damages due to a permanent injury based on lost earning capacity. The defendant will counter with his own expert testimony regarding lost earning capacity and the jury in some cases will decide somewhere between the two estimates.

Hire a personal injury lawyer based on the attorney's experience and specialization. Hire an attorney who keeps his clients updated. Experienced attorneys can determine an estimate of the money damages his client is entitled.


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