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By: Adrianna Noton
Previously, graphical art was typically two-dimensional and included calligraphy, photography, drawing and painting. With the latest changes in graphic design software, it is possible to use applications to develop high quality images in three dimensions. This is important in the modern day business environment where re-branding is almost definite in the life cycle of a business.

Simply put, graphical design is a form of perfect composition of graphical shapes, organized text, and a concoction of colors. The present day applications have greater versatility than the older versions of the same products. For instance, it has also opened a new form of architecture where prototypes are generated by computer software. The prototypes are usually in three dimensions which makes it possible to see the building interiors and exteriors at different angles.

The graphics work usually involves two parties; the client and the designer. Over the years, it has become more important to develop graphics that are crisp and clean yet still maintaining high quality. Programmers have come up with innovative ways to make the work of the designer much easier while the client has a better chance of getting high quality designs.

The use of visual arts, topography, and various page layout techniques have been incorporated in most of the applications to help the designers in achieving the design tasks. The most common use of this evolution is publications, identity, re-branding and re-packaging of products, cautions signs and various publications.

High quality graphics are needed in the development of good websites. For this reason, companies like Adobe have come up with applications that can be used to manipulate images to the specifications of a client. Images can be re-sized without losing the aspect ratio; photos can be merged to form a panorama and many other possibilities.

The internet has become a buzz of activity with many help sites coming up to equip the interested persons with the new knowledge. Some websites are free for all while others have paid subscriptions. Online schools have also mushroomed to give students relevant certification after amassing the required skills.

The updates that have been made on the software packages over the years have also impacted on how people work. Since most people that need good graphics seldom know how to manipulate the images to end up with what they have in mind, it became necessary to have professionals doing the job. This has paved way to a new approach to graphics where companies are setup to concentrate on nothing else but design logos, brochures, emblems and many other related products.

The improved quality in the graphics that we see on a day to day basis can be attributed to the latest changes in graphic design software. It is more about the new-look software and less about the new entrant software. As a matter of fact, very few new programs have entered the market and succeeded in cutting out a niche. Most of the market leaders are the same old applications which have evolved over time in order to be more robust.


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