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By: Steve Weber
There are various types of arthritis your dog may develop. The most common kind is osteoarthritis and this affects one in five dogs at some point in their lifetime. This disease is not confined to older dogs. Young dogs may suffer with hip dysplasia, joint trauma, patella luxation or ruptured ligaments. In some cases it is possible for your dog to have surgery, especially if he is young. It is vital that you take your pet to the veterinarian for a proper diagnosis as soon as you notice any change of behavior, i.e. limping, lameness or reluctance to rise from a laying position.

Although our pets cannot communicate verbally, you will be able to tell easily enough when there is a problem. Check his paws to make sure there is no foreign object stuck in there. Your veterinarian will want to take X-rays and run tests, followed by a course of treatment. Although this disease is old there is no cure for it yet. Unfortunately, osteoarthritis is a progressive condition, but there are many ways in which we can reduce the symptoms and maintain quality of life for our dogs with arthritis.

He or she may suffer more in wet or cold days and it would be helpful to provide a soft, warm bed as well as a heating pad placed under the blanket. Raising the food and water bowls will enable your dog to reach better. Taking short, frequent walks over a smooth terrain will be less stressful than climbing a hill or negotiating a rocky path.

Massage, acupuncture and swimming are becoming more and more popular. If your dog is overweight your veterinarian will give you new instructions for meal times. Find out the correct weight for the breed of dog you have and reduce the calorie intake every mealtime. If your dog has trouble jumping on or off the bed or furniture, invest in a ramp or steps to make life a little easier for him. These can be bought or else easily put together with a little imagination and a few tools; plywood, nails, old carpeting.

Depending on the severity of arthritis, either pain medication and/or natural dietary glucosamine chondroitin supplements will be prescribed. You need to know that all medication carries side effects. This may be necessary to relieve pain immediately for a short period. Ask your veterinarian about liquid glucosamine. This is a perfectly natural supplement which, in time, helps the body to rebuild vital tissue surrounding the joint. This can be sprinkled daily onto your dog's food and within a couple of months or even a few weeks you will notice the healing occur.


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