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By: Nicksmith
Bodyboarding is quite popular in most of the countries worldwide including Hawaii, California and New Zealand. This water sport is quite different from rafting. People need to prone on the board with fins on his/her feet for propulsion and steering. Undoubtedly, this niche sport is gaining huge popularity worldwide.

Bodyboarding NZ need several equipments including clothing, wetsuit, PFD, helmet, gloves and additionally, knee pads, shin guards and elbow pads etc. These all provides extra protection to the swimmer. This is becoming a popular water sports in New Zealand to burn calories. You and your kids can attempt for this to enjoy at the utmost. This water sport is a natural pursuit along New Zealandís stunning coastline as the Kiwi lifestyle turn around the beach. Good and reliable water boarding breaks are common in all seasons and many bodyboarding shops and hostels hire out surfboards to the interested people and therefore itís quite easy to catch the perfect wave.

The sport has made its own identity and style diverse from stand-up surfing culture and is now getting the respect it deserves. It has hut the unfair perception that it is merely something people do before they learn to surf properly and today is recognized as the most extreme and advanced form of wave riding. The country has diverse coastline, so it comes as no wonder to find that we have the bodyboarding talent to match. The executives of this sport are making real effort to push the sport forward for the next generations. Bodyboarding sport is organized in New Zealand every year on national level and gradually this game is gaining more international recognition.

Bodyboarders have always been the underdog in the water, which has forced dedicated riders to cultivate an underground attitude. These players thrive in very heavy and hallow waves, where the tube is the main attraction. Mostly, they love choose to take on the most critical waves, because their bodyboards are designed with maximum air-time in mind. The riders launch themselves skyward as often as possible, controlling into strong flips and spins that most surfers can only dream about. It is assured from this that these players will travel the world and making a living out of the sport as professionals. The riders ride their waves in two distinct ways including dropknee and prone.

The bodyboarders NZ find flexibility in surfing in the sea because the north Island offers warmer waters and excellent beach, reef and bar breaks at places such as Aucklandís Muriwai and Piha, Ahipara, Tauranga, Whangamata, Gisborne, Taranaki and Wellington. The Wairarapa coast in New Zealand is famous for its huge roller coasters and gnarly rinse cycles. However, the weather conditions in south island are cooler and wet suits requires whole through out the year.

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