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By: Steve Weber
Although there are many prescription medications for treating osteoarthritis joint disease, many people opt for using safe and all-natural products such as glucosamine and MSM supplements. Not only are these safe with virtually no side effects, they are also quite inexpensive compared to prescription drugs.

Although many people take glucosamine by itself for treating arthritis, some research studies have shown that when combining it along with MSM there are added benefits. The research shows that the MSM somehow aids the body in better absorbing and/or utilizing the glucosamine supplements. Some scientists suggest that the benefits for using glucosamine supplement products can be increased by as much as 50% when the MSM is taken also.

It is very important for those considering using natural supplementation products for treating osteoarthritis joint disease that supplements do not offer immediate pain relief as do prescription drugs. Although prescribed pills and tablets are highly effective in eliminating the pain quickly, they also have been known to cause extremely severe side effects and even death in some cases. In fact, many of them have been removed from the market by the FDA because of the significant issues many people have experienced.

Glucosamine, along with MSM, actually aids the body in rebuilding and regenerating the tissues that have been damaged by osteoarthritis joint disease. In fact, it is the damaged cartilage within the joints that actually results in the pain of arthritis. As the tissue is worn thin by the disease, the bones are prone to rub together directly. And because living bone tissue contains high concentrations of nerve endings, this is what results in the severe pain and discomfort within the joints for those suffering from the condition.

The cartilage tissue is actually made up of building blocks which are found in glucosamine. Therefore the body is able to utilize the supplement product to more rapidly rebuild the damaged cartilage which the disease causes. Although there is no cure for osteoarthritis joint disease, it is possible to use supplements like glucosamine and MSM to minimize the effects and offer some relief for the soreness caused by the disease.

In closing, it's important for those suffering from arthritis to know there are alternatives to expensive and often dangerous prescription drugs. Glucosamine, along with MSM work together to provide long term answer for treating osteo arthritis joint disease in adults. The supplement can be found at many local stores as well as online locations.


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