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By: Dirik Hameed
Many people get interested on electronic cigarettes, whether or not they smoke. Explaining effectively to smokers what these devices are may make them try one. And when they love it, they might even ditch their old habit all together. Especially to newbies, they have to get to know these devices better as well as find out the full range of benefits they offer.

What they have to know initially is these devices run on batteries so lighting them up isn't needed. The batteries used are the rechargeable types. There are various chargers which may come with a starter kit or purchased additionally, each one suite for a specific type of person. Someone who always uses a computer can take advantage of a USB charger. For a person who drives around a lot, there's a car lighter charger. There's also something which goes into your usual wall outlet.

Explaining how electronic cigarettes and e liquid works is really simple. Let the curious ones know that there are some essential components that make these devices work. The number of which may vary slightly, depending on the design employed by manufacturers. Aside from the battery, the cartridge and atomizer are other important components. There are instances that a cartridge and an atomizer are fused together, making up what's called a cartomizer.

Inside the cartridge is a solution. This contains the flavoring and nicotine, although it's also possible for it to contain no nicotine at all. A cartridge may either be disposable or refillable. A disposable one, just like what the name implies, is discarded and replaced with a prefilled cartridge. A refillable type has to be replenished with the solution as necessary.

This solution is turned by the atomizer into vapor that is visible and inhaled. Through a wick, the solution is drawn out of storage and is vaporized by the heating element in an atomizer. Such happens when the battery supplies power, either by depressing a button on the device for a few seconds, or when the airflow sensor is set off each time the user takes a drag via the mouthpiece, often the cartridge itself.

This atomizer isn't designed to last forever. Because of the way it works, it gets burned out or clogged, so replacing it is a necessity. How long the component lasts will depend on its quality and the frequency of the device use. When a cartomizer is used, the cartridge is often refillable. But when the atomizer part conks out, the cartomizer will have to be replaced.

What's so amazing about these devices is they have numerous advantages to offer compared to smoking. As mentioned earlier, the solution in the cartridge may or may not contain nicotine. People who like to steer clear of this addictive substance may take advantage of non-nicotine variants. It's also available in different concentrations and flavors.

Electronic cigarettes may be used in a lot of places where smoking is not allowed, such as in some restaurants, shopping malls, offices, etc. That's because they don't emit second-hand smoke and nasty odor that can irritate other people. Because tobacco isn't involved, using the device reduces the risk of someone ending up with various diseases which may be caused by the tons of chemicals found in cigarette smoke.


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