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By: Adrianna Noton
Choosing a pair of eye glasses can be a major decision for many women. Obviously, the proper prescription from your eye doctor is the most important factor and the reason you're wearing eye glasses in the first place. However, after the prescription is taken care of and you can see clearly, several different factors come into play. It's no secret that eye glasses are used as a fashion accessory by both sexes, but for women that connection may be even stronger.

Considering the circumstances that you'll be wearing the glasses in is one factor for choosing the right pair. Many women pick out two or even three different styles of frames for eye glasses, just to suit the different facets of their lives. You may have a job in an office setting and run your kids around to soccer practices or dance classes in the evenings, then hit the town with friends a couple times per month. In each situation, you'll wear different clothes, shoes, and possibly a different purse. Wearing different glasses to suit each circumstance helps to put the finishing touch on the whole outfit. Once you've determined how many different styles of eye glasses you may want, you can narrow it down further by following a few specific guidelines.

For a woman, matching a pair of eye glasses to your skin tone is a good first step. You don't want to pick a pair of eyeglass frames that stand out like a sore thumb on your face, but you also don't want to pick frames that just blend in and aren't noticed at all. This is where enlisting the help of your optician is a good idea. She can suggest eye glasses that suit your skin tone the best, and will work best for each occasion. The shape of your face is another big consideration when choosing eye glasses for women.

It's important to choose frames that balance the features of your face, rather than accentuating one particular feature. As an example, if your face is more of a square shape, choosing square lenses might not make sense. If your face is long, you'd want frames that work to shorten it up. Again, your optician will note the shape of your face and make suggestions to create balance in the overall look.

Once the look of the frames is right from an appearance and fashion standpoint, it's time to tinker with the actual fit. Most pairs of eye glasses can be adjusted for a comfortable fit if they don't fit the way you want. Your optician will look carefully as the glasses are on your face to determine if they are the proper width and sit on the spots they're supposed to sit. You don't want eye glasses that squeeze your nose or temples, and you don't want eye glasses that slide off your nose or are too wide. Since you're supposed to be wearing them to correct your vision, comfort is a big factor for each pair you buy.


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