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By: Adrianna Noton
Basically a criminal lawyer or a criminal defense lawyer is that attorney charged with handling criminal cases. If you were to be charged in such a case, you would need legal representation from an attorney vested in matter of criminal law. Sometimes when such lawyers are employed on a permanent basis by say the federal government or the state, they are referred to as public defenders.

Poor representation in any case is one of the leading causes of losing a case. You want to be represented with a competent person. The first step to finding this person is to look around for a few of them from different sources and then select the best from this list.

One of the easy way you could find a lawyer is through the internet. You can surf around a few websites to find lawyers. There are several firms that have websites where you get to scout for lawyers. Remember to look for attorneys from credible legal firms.

You can also look for a number for attorneys from television or newspaper advertisements. Journals are also some of place you might find advertisement on attorneys. The bad thing about such attorneys is that they tend to blow their trumpet a little too much.

Recommendations are also very important. A colleague, acquaintance or friend can recommend one they have used in the past. You are more likely to find a competent criminal lawyer if they were recommended to your by a close ally. You can also get recommendations from other sources like state bar associations.

Once you short list a number of lawyers, you would move to interviewing each of the attorneys. Contact each attorney and schedule an interview. Basically what you will be doing will be vetting each lawyers just to see if they are up to the task. Factors such as cost, their level of experience, schooling and further schooling will assist you select the best.

Client attorney relationship is also very important. You should be attentive on how your interaction with each lawyer during the interviewing stage goes. The idea is to find someone you can communicate and establish rapport with.

From your interview, you will know which attorney you will work with. You must have a detailed contract usually the attorney will provide you with these. The next step will be him detailing his or her game plan and explaining to you what you should expect.

One very important factor that must be considered before signing any contracts is cost. You will seat down with your lawyer and agree on payment. If you are a low income citizen, you can contact your state legal service to see if you can qualify for some unpaid or a pro bono attorney.

You will discus the exact amount you should expect to pay; when you will pay this amount; and the mode of payment. Most criminal lawyers would like to be paid on either hourly or upfront basis. You should iron this matter out as you discus payment matters with your attorney.


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