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By: Mark Etinger
Quality of life is everything. If one is not happy, what drives you to get up day after day? Illnesses and pain affect many of us, but how severely differs from person to person. With today's technology and medicine, many illnesses can be treated, managed. We continue to live our lives happily, hopefully with as few qualms as possible.

It's amazing to think how certain ailments can have such a negative effect on one's life. I mean it's not hard to see why. Imagine waking up everyday with chronic pain somewhere in your body, whether it be your leg, back, or arm. We've all dealt with pain. We've sprained a wrist, twisted our back. We go to the doctor, we receive treatment. It might take a few days, weeks, or months to heal but it does eventually. But for some, that glorious day of healing never comes. It's constant pain. Suddenly simple tasks like going up the stairs or lifting your grandchild becomes a chore. It's more than just uncomfortable or inconvenient. And this continues day after day. Everyday becomes a struggle to life your life as normal as possible.

Your options seems limited though. You can choose a life of medication which will definitely help, but there are plenty of risks. For one, there is the risk of side effects. Sometimes the side effects are just as bad as dealing with the pain itself. Then there is always the chance of addiction. With pain relieving drugs, it's all too easy to find yourself needing X amount of pills each day to get by. Physical therapy can help to an extent but it might not cure the problem. Instead, you learn to cope with it.

Electrotherapy can be a positive alternative to traditional pain management methods. Although not as widely popularized, electrotherapy can be just as effective without those pesky side effects. A TENS Unit is a device that can stop the pain signal sent to your brain, eliminating the problem. If no signal is sent, there is no pain to be had. The quality of your life can increase tenfold because you no longer have to fear days of constant pain. A few minutes with a TENS Unit and you can feel instant relief. You can get back on track with your life because chronic pain is no longer consuming your thoughts. Why suffer if you don't have to? Control the pain and you can have more control over your life.

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