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By: Nicksmith
Surfing is one of the exciting sports which is continuously flourishing worldwide. Surfers and its other accessories or products come in different shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. Surfers of all ages prefer to enjoy a surf vacation and thrill with fun and enjoyment. There was a social impact on surfing today and we seeing how the sport has evolved. Some of the most prominent surfing products which has made so ease for the surfers include board racks, auto racks, pads & straps, surfboard leashes, traction pads, surfboard fins, stand up paddle, board repair, sunscreen, surf wax and surf wax candles etc.

Surfboards, which were usually large planks of wood, now come in many shapes and sizes; from a 5'2" short board to a 12' tanker, and everything in between, a surfer has limitless options. A surfer is not only a dedicated water man but he is also able to surf o short and long boards. He even can swim out on a flat day with just a pair of fins, goggles, snorkel and more.

Some of the best surf products are described below with their benefits:

Diamond Tip These are available in black, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, red and clear; or Superslick Black, White and Silver color. They are particularly designed to fit the Ultra-Thin "Flip" Nose Tips.

Nose Guard These are as well available in black, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, red and clear; or Superslick Black, White and Silver color. They are designed to fit traditional short boards, fishes and guns etc.

Longboard Nose Guard These are available in the same colors as Nose guard and Diamond tip, however designed to fit classic and high-performance longboards.

Funshape Nose Guard These are available in the black, white, clear, red, blue and silver color but designed to fit fun shapes, mini tanks and hybrid longboards.

Tail Guard These are available in black, white and clear color and designed to protect the tail of your surfboard from dings; will not affect board performance. Grooves enable tailguard to fit all tail designs, including squash, rounded, pin and swallow tails.

Surf Fins The main features of this accessory include angled edges for maximum thrust, high-grade, fully imported rubber construction, 3-hole drainage on underside and availability of different colors including black & yellow and sizes like XS-XXL.

Surf Wear The quality of surf wear has improved with the passage of time. Wetsuit are engineered to improve the performance and comfort of the surfers. Today, they are available in super light, super stretchy and other varieties so that you can make your choice with ease.

Leashes These are used to affix the board to your leg, ensuring that once you fall off the board, you need not to swim back to the beach to recover it properly.

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