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By: Adrianna Noton
The primary reason that one goes shopping for wallpaper, is basically to renovate the interior of any building structure. This could be for any room in a private residence like a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, children's room, nursery, laundry room to name a few. Commercial businesses can also this method for their interior decor. It is an alternative to using paint on the interior walls of any structure. At times, it might prove to be the best choice in terms of cost, practicality and time available to make the change.

Applying the paper can be a simple process. What dictates the complexity is the size of the area that needs to be done and the time needed to work on it. For any job, the tools needed are the paper, the glue, a smoothing tool, a paintbrush, a cutting implement, a damp cloth, and a large firm, clean surface.

It is important that the area to be papered is clean. One can dust this area with a damp or dry cloth, clearing away dust and cobwebs. It should also be pointed out that wallpaper can be glued at the back by manually applying the paste or it can be simply adhered via self-adhesive glue after removing the protective paper. The choice is up to the consumer.

The next step is to measure the area, lay the paper on the large surface and cut it to the desired length with a little extra added. Once this is done, then one needs to apply the wallpaper glue, if using paper which is not self-adhesive. For self-adhesive paper, all that is required is to remove the protective backing, apply the paper firmly to the wall surface and smooth out evenly.

Once the glue has been applied, the paper is then hung from ceiling to floor and smoothed out evenly with the help of a smoothing tool and a damp cloth. It is normal for the paper to be hung from ceiling to floor in order to have a smooth, clean finish with no air bubbles.

Ordering enough paper is of utmost importance. It is best to ensure that there is enough for the project at hand. Running out during the process is not an ideal situation. It might be easier to measure the area first and then consult with a store specialist who is usually more equipped to calculate the amount of rolls needed for the project.

Using wallpaper is usually a personal choice. The paper tends to cover uneven walls and cracks better than paint. This method is chosen when the cost of repairing the wall is a more expensive undertaking than using wallpaper. It can also be done in lesser time than a paint job.

Wallpaper can be made of various materials like paper, fabric, grasscloth, paintable, and textured. There are numerous colors and designs to choose from as well. The variety of paper can be simple wallpaper coverings, borders, murals, wall decals or stickers, and commercial treatments. The choice is dependent on the price, the location and the area to be covered.


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