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By: Adrianna Noton
The health of the water main system in any given town or city is important to how the whole municipality functions. A system that is really old, damaged or prone to water main leaks can cause major problems in the underground infrastructure of the town. Along the line in a water main system are a series of valves, and it is with these valves that water main leaks can be isolated so damage is minimized and repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

The problems with some valves in water main systems are that they haven't been used for so long that they're no longer operational. If the valves along the line don't operate, the flow of water can't be stopped when a water main leak is present. Finding a company that is skilled in water main valve repair and will initiate and carry out water main valve exercise can save great sums of money should a serious leak or break occur.

One of the first steps of water main valve exercise is to locate all of the valves along the line so the exercise can be carried out at all. The water main valve repair team will also want to know the type and size of the valves and the approximate age, so they know what they're up against. Water main valve exercise essentially refers to physically "exercising" or moving each valve in the system for one full cycle or until it's able to move freely without any added resistance. The valves are typically prioritized ahead of time so the ones that are closest to large amounts of people or near critical areas like hospitals or main intersections can be addressed first. Any water main valve repair will be performed if necessary during the exercising process.

The benefits of water main valve exercise usually won't be realized until a water main leak or break occurs, but then they will be significant. The fact that the process was carried out at all means that the people in charge know where all the valves in the system are located, which is the first benefit. Your water main valve management program will also help you to find the location of the leak quickly, which means figuring out which valves to shut off and finding those valves is a speedy process. Any delay in the shutdown of valves in an emergency can mean severe damage to the system and chaos and injury above ground.

Regular water main valve exercise will also help the valves in your system to last longer, which will help to cut down on maintenance and replacement costs. Sometimes, valves that haven't been used for a long time may break during the exercise process, in which case water main valve repair will be carried out before they move on to the next valve. Another important benefit to water main valve exercise and any subsequent water main valve repair is the savings in labor cost if a leak were to happen. Without an efficient system in place, locating the leaks and the valves will take a lot of extra manpower, time and effort, running up labor costs until it is fixed.


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