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By: Adrianna Noton
With every negative we should try to look for a positive. Now that we are living through a global recession, we should take this opportunity to reduce our heating bills and other uses of non renewable energy to save money and to save the environment. One great way of doing this is to replace the windows in your property. Not only will the monthly bills be reduced, you'll also increase the value of your property when your property looks downright gorgeous.

It stands to reason that we should consider some kind of heat saving method when it comes to our windows. Apart from the roof and door, it is possibly the cause of greatest loss of heat to a house. Most of us have loft insulation to reduce as much as possible that heat loss, a bit like putting a woolly hat on the house. Cavity wall insulation does the same thing and together with double glazing could be compared to putting and nice warm jacket and scarf around you on a cold day.

The initial investment may be substantial, but think of the benefits in the long run. Many people are astonished to find out that the heat efficiency of double glazing is six times that of single glazing. That'll explain why the old house you bought was so draughty you had to wear your winter jacket to bed.

Not only is the technology in the layers of inert gas trapped between panes, but in the frames themselves. UPVC is a great material for its ability to fit snugly and not allow heat loss through the frame. These frames also do not require regular painting or staining to upkeep the appearance and prevent them from rotting. That's another saving to be considered in the long run.

There is one down side to uPVC windows, which is that some authorities will not allow it to be used for listed buildings of architectural importance or interest or for properties in conservation areas. Many replicate the style of traditional windows but do not copy the method of opening of, for example, traditional sash and case. Always check before carrying out any work as you may have to undo an expensive job if you get a visit from the local authority planning enforcement officer.

Modern properties on the other hand are a completely different kettle of fish and almost anything goes. The clean lines of white uPVC frames can be a great improvement in appearance, but can also be of benefit for those who live close to bad neighbor uses such as noisy factories or busy roads. The reduction in noise when compared to traditional windows can be quite astonishing.

Another factor that should be considered is the added security offered by double glazing. In the past, a simple brick through the window would get a bad person into a house, albeit not the most subtle of approaches. Try that with double glazing and more likely than not it will bounce off and hit the unsuspecting burglar on the head.

Think of these advantages and you'll see that installing replacement windows could be worthwhile. You'll spend a lot to start with, but will save a fortune in the long run.


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