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By: Steve Weber
Although there are many aspects of dog health that pet owners must consider, this article will detail two of the most common problems most dogs deal with. Dog dental health and canine arthritis are the two areas we will focus on here.

First of all, dental health for dogs is more important than just making sure their teeth appear clean and their breath is fresh. It's important to understand that poor dental health in dogs can lead to more serious infections that can migrate to the major organs of the body. In fact, it is even possible that some of these gum based infections can cause death in some canines.

Most vets suggest a regular teeth cleaning for aiding in overall dog heath. This cleaning is called "scaling" and is done while the animal is under anesthetic. It is normally quite effective when done yearly. However, it is quite costly. In some areas of the country the costs can be over three-hundred dollars for each teeth scaling. Also, it is not suggested for older dogs or dogs with other health problems. The fact that anesthetic is required makes it a dangerous option for older dogs who may have very adverse and sometimes fatal reactions to the drugs. Another cost associated with the scaling are the antibiotics which the pets must take after the procedure.

There are all natural dog tooth pastes and sprays which are available and highly effective in cleaning dog teeth when used regularly. These safe products will not only keep the teeth clean when used 3 to 4 times per week, they can also remove heavy tartar build ups when used daily for several months. These products are a much safer alternative for keeping dog teeth clean than is the risky and expensive method done at the vet's office.

The next area of dog health that most pet owners must deal with is canine arthritis. This disease is very common and most older dogs will suffer from it to some extent in their senior years. There is no cure for dog osteoarthritis. All dog owners can do is to try to easy the symptoms of the joint disease.

First and foremost, it is important that the dog suffering from arthritis maintain a proper weight so that no extra pounds must be supported by the animals affected joints. Secondly, exercise if very important in helping the animal deal with the dog arthritis disease. The proper amount of exercise ensures that the muscles surrounding the joints are strong and support the joint well. However, too much exercise will simply aggravate the joint disease.

Although there are medications that can be prescribed for the joint problem, many of these on the market today have caused severe side effects in many dogs. In the beginning of the disease when the symptoms are not yet severe, dog owners should discuss with their veterinarians using a natural supplement like glucosamine for easing the symptoms of osteoarthritis and promoting dog health. This safe supplement does not cover the pain up, it actually acts to rebuild the damaged areas of the joint. In some dogs, regular usage of the product has proven to dramatically reduce the effects of this common disease.


Discover more on our website about using glucosamine to take care of joint disease brought on by arthritis. Our health supplements are 100% all-natural without the risks of hazardous side effects when managing arthritis.
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