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By: Jason Lom
In most countries throughout the developed world, the economy has been in a major slump these past few years. Many industries are receding and unemployment has hit and sustained abnormally high levels. This has many searching for a career that pays well and offers job stability. With all the economic problems lately, there is one industry that has not been affected by the recession; health care. And for most people the quickest way into the health care field is through an LPN program either online or at a local college.

There are several reasons why LPN (licensed practical nursing) classes are appealing to many who want to enter the nursing field. The main one being that LPN training can put you into a career as a nurse in as little as 18 months or even less with CNA experience. Where else can you go to school less than 2 years out of high school and enter a career with starting pay in the mid five figures? For this reason, going to an LPN school strikes the right balance between fast entry into the field and decent pay.

Now of course, there are other avenues you can pursue to get into nursing, and they are worth examining. You can choose to become a CNA (certified nursing assistant), or you can go for an RN (registered nurse) straight away. Let's look at the advantages of these two options compared with a licensed practical nursing program.


Becoming a CNA is by far the easiest way into the nursing field. There are only a few weeks of training, then a certification process and you're in. Starting pay is anywhere between $10 and $15 an hour and your duties and responsibilities are less than an LPN or RN. The downside of course is that as a nursing assistant, you're basically stuck in a lower pay scale than becoming an actual nurse. This is why many people use a CNA job as paid practical training while taking LPN classes or going to RN school.


Going straight to an RN will usually involve longer and more intense schooling. In many cases, you can expect to go through 4 years of training. This may be a good option for some, but for a lot of people this is too long a time going to school without being able to start earning a living.

LPN Training

LPN school offers kind of the best of both worlds. Less than 2 years of schooling with the opportunity to earn a good income in a recession proof career. Not only that, the LPN career also offers the opportunity to advance and eventually become and RN if you are so inclined. There are really many potential advantages and very few disadvantages to choosing this path.


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