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By: Jamie Simpson
Making a great impression at your next big Christmas party or holiday pub-crawl is about more than just making sure you bring the mistletoe. You've also got to ensure your stylistic choices let people know you're keen on having a good time. Regardless whether you're attending a gala with your co-workers or having a quiet get-together with friends and relations, there's no need to dress like a stodgy stick in the mud. Instead, find the perfect men's suits online and wow everyone with how stunningly well-put-together you look.

Of course, we can't all be fashionistas or style gurus, so here are a few tips on choosing the best men's suits to match winter's chill during any holiday occasion. Be sure to consider all of the following factors while you're picking something to fit.

Men's suits come in a wide range of styles and cuts. You need to ensure yours fits your body and posture. Think about the tone you're trying to set, and choose something that helps you look just formal enough. We can't be too clear here; if your suit is made to help you blend into a professional environment unnoticed, then that's probably where it should stay.

Party wear is all about finding something that accentuates your figure, highlighting your positive features. Play around with tops and bottoms so you can build a look you fancy. The most successful way to experiment with a wide range of skinny, slim, loose or other trouser cuts, for instance, is to find an online shop that lets you mix and match suits. That way you can create a custom look that matches your aesthetic without making you feel uncomfortable while you schmooze. Don't slack off and assume always you'll look good in what you're used to. Regardless whether you prefer double breasted jackets, waistcoats, vests or sweaters, the only way to see if your choices are the best option is to compare them side by side.

Naturally, the colour of your suit has a lot to do with how good you'll look in it, but remember that some textiles don't mesh with all skin tones. Stereotypes and ethnicities aside, every single individual has a completely unique skin tone, rich with its own special one-of-a-kind hue. There are no generic guidelines for matching suits to people, but realize that you probably prefer clothes of certain colours with good reason. Be confident in your own judgement. Stick to the colours you already feel comfortable with and make sure your accessories do too.

The cuff links, hats, cravats, ties, shoes and socks that bring your ensemble together are all important. Each item you add to an outfit has the potential to make or break it, so you should consider how different accessories compete with each other for attention. Balance is important. Remember that while you may love that dramatically flared, crushed felt bowler, it's not worth including if it detracts from or overwhelms the suit. Remember, stick to similar styles, always look in a mirror and if you're not sure whether things go together, ask a mate.


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