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By: Adrianna Noton
Not all hotels are not created equal. The person in need of a place to stay has many options, at a wide array of price points. Most hotels offer standard features such as telephones and televisions in the rooms, though the quality of the items and other factors vary from hotel to hotel.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right hotel room. The client should think about the location of the establishment. If he has business in a certain area of a city, he should consider getting a hotel room as close to his destination as possible. Additionally, he should consider if the establishment offers free shuttle to the airport, if he needs that service.

Other factors should be considered when deciding on a hotel. These include the types of rooms the establishment offers, the cost of a room and other amenities that the hotel offers. Additionally a client has to check to see if the hotel of his choice has the type of room he desires available at the time he needs it.

Inexpensive rooms may be a solution for some travelers, while others will shy away assuming that the quality might reflect the lower price tag. Some consumers associate an inexpensive price tag with a dirty room, minimal amenities and substandard service. Though this is true in many cases, a traveler should always consider lesser expensive establishments and they may find a gem.

Moderately priced establishments can be found in metropolitan areas as well as in surrounding areas and just off the highway. They appeal to a large population of travelers with large, clean rooms and amenities such as laundry facilities, an indoor pool and complimentary breakfast. The breakfast offers range from hotel to hotel and can be as minimal as a simple continental breakfast of a donut and a cup of coffee or can include a full buffet with waffles, eggs and other items.

High-end hotels are prevalent in major metropolitan areas and can also be found in resort towns. These hotels cater to business executives and other clientele who don't mind paying a higher price for more amenities and first class service. The rooms are usually posh and have the newest styles of televisions, plush linens and other amenities. They don't always include a breakfast in the price of the room, but many have restaurants where their guests can buy breakfast for an additional charge.

Some hotel chains have reward or loyalty programs. These programs track how many times a client stays with a certain brand of hotel and will reward the client after he reaches a certain amount of stays or dollar amount. The rewards usually include a free night's stay, discounts or perks such as up-grades.

There is a wide variety of hotels available to meet every need and budget. There are inexpensive options with only the bare necessities, family friendly moderate hotels and high-end establishments that cater to business people and those who don't mind paying extra for luxury. The consumer needs to consider the location of the establishment, along with the availability, amenities and cost before deciding where to stay.


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