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By: Steve Weber
If your pet has sore joints, this article can help you find pain relief for your canine. As many of you know, my old dog Storm came into my life in 1995. The vet thought he was about 5 years old at a time. He lived with us for 10 more years before he finally died from old age. He was a large dog and 10 years is quite old for dogs of the larger breeds.

We have many interesting stories about Storm and he definitely has had a profound impact on my life.

But this article is about Storm's stiff joints he was suffering from. His sore joints, caused by arthritis the vet said, began a few years after I found him on that country road. We think Storm already had had a "tough" life. But after he came to live with us, he had numerous times that would aggravate his joint arthritis. He got run over by my truck, fell down a 10 foot hole, and suffered several other "accidents" which would really affect him in his older years.

The vet suggested we begin giving him a prescribed medication for his sore joints. We did a bit of research on the Internet and saw there were many problems associated with the Rimadyl medicine. We did not want to risk the side effects with Storm. So we did more research and discovered that glucosamine may be just the thing to help with a senior dog's sore joints.

We ordered a liquid version of glucosamine online called Syn-flex. We liked the liquid version because it was so easy to give to him. All we had to do was pour it over his food at meal time. Storm, like most dogs, simply did not care if the product was on his food. It took several months before we saw the effects, but it definitely had a very positive impact on his diseased joints. He was getting around much easier and we could tell that he was not suffering as much pain as before.

We continued giving him the Synflex glucosamine for the rest of his life. As he aged, his arthritis became worse and we tried a few other things, like an aspirin a day. But that almost killed him one day (a true story…he almost died from an intestinal infection caused by the aspirin).

Even though his sore joints continued and progressed as he aged (there is no cure for arthritis), we do feel the Syn-flex was very helpful and improved his quality of life especially in his older years.


Go to our Cactus Canyon web page to find out more on the treatment of osteoarthritis with Synflex glucosamine. It\'s effective and safe for helping ease the signs and symptoms of joint osteoarthritis.
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