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By: Adrianna Noton
An outdoor playground is a great fun way to fill an outdoor space and make you a tidy income. If you are not a business minded person then hey, imagine you fun you can have with your family and friends in a space otherwise not being used. This does not have to be expensive at all; we have all seen the crazy golf or mini golf courses whilst on holiday.

Or perhaps mini golf is not your thing and you have a spare bit of cash. Well then the answer to hours and hours of family fun can be waiting for you in a few cheap second hand go karts. This need not be expensive as there are many second hand go carts available all the time and easy to find.

And if neither of these float your boat then what about a baseball done, yes your very own. Just imagine getting u late on your day off and burning some calories hitting base balls to your hearts content. Not only great fun but a great exercise too, for the whole family.

A lot of us have a spare piece of land just sitting there awaiting a brilliant idea like this. The least work would have to be the go cart track. You need the bare minimum for this, just pick up your second hand go carts, or brand new if you have the cash.

Once the lanes are marked out you are pretty much ready to go. Some people will stack tires around the outside for those little unseen crashes but of course these are not entirely essential. If you do decide to use recycled tires then they too are not hard to find at all.

Many companies throw their unwanted tires away so asking politely may just get you as many as you need completely free of cost. Just remember to hire a van or truck as you will not get many in the back of a car. You can just imagine the fun right now, family laughing and screaming, everybody impatiently waiting for their turn and of course that bit of wasted land is no more, bonus.

The next easiest solution is the golf course, mini of course not the full eighteen holes, unless you have an estate not being used at the moment. Design this on paper first or if your not much of a designer then I am sure one will not be too tasking to find. Once designed you are ready for some manual work so grab your shovel and lose those extra pounds you have been meaning to for a long time now.

A mini golf course does not have to be complicated at all, some concrete and a good imagination will sort this out in no time at all. And if you have a bit of cash lying around then of course you have to treat yourself to a baseball dome in your own garden for you and your mates on a weekend, sorry I mean you and your family of course. And if the wife accuses you of just being a big kid then why not open it to the public and treat her to a holiday in the sun with the spare cash from your outdoor playground.


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