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By: Jason Lom
These days, a growing number of people are pursuing a nursing education, and for very good reason. Nursing jobs are plentiful, and with the aging population in most Western countries, this situation is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Not only are there plenty of jobs out there in the nursing field, these are also some of the best paying jobs. Consider that with only about 2 years of training at a nursing school or community college, you can have a starting salary in the mid five figures.

So with all the attraction of getting into the nursing field, the question then becomes what is the best route to take to get in? Many people choose the LPN (licensed practical nursing) route. As stated above, the requirements to become an LPN are just 2 years of nursing education and passing the state licensing exams. If you want to go on to become a registered nurse (RN), it's only about 2 additional years of schooling, although it could take longer if you are attending part time while working full time as an LPN.

So if an LPN program is your strategy, then finding the best nursing school to accomplish this goal is task #1. Here are four things to look for in a school that will help you gain the nursing education you are looking for:

1. Professional Instructors

The top attribute of a good nursing school is one that has top-notch instructors whom are actual professionals in the field. It only makes sense that you would want to be trained by people who have actually done what you are training to do. Sadly, not all nursing schools employ professionals as instructors, so make sure to ask and make sure the school you are considering is doing so.

2. Hands-On Training

A well-rounded nursing education is critical, and your training is not really complete without some practical experience working (supervised of course) in an actual medical setting. This is an area where online nursing schools tend to come up short. Look for a school that will give you the practical training to jump right into your new career.

3. Up To Date Equipment

Any field that relies heavily on technology is in a constant state of upgrading. Nursing is no different. Advances are happening almost weekly in virtually all areas of medical technology, and nurses need to be trained with the very best and most up to date technology and equipment. This will insure that you will be familiar with all the machinery you will be working with when you finally start working.

4. Caters to Your Needs

One thing many people leave out in their search for a nursing school is whether or not it is compatible with their needs. Be careful about choosing a nursing education option simply because everybody else recommends it. Make sure they also offer flexible schedules and are situated in a location that is convenient for you.


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