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By: Steve Weber
Just about the most frequent reasons that canines visit the veterinarian is for the treatment of canine arthritis symptoms. Vets see more animals with this situation than for any other illness. Nevertheless, there are treatment options designed for treating this dog arthritis disease, there are no cures that will rid the canine of the joint problems and soreness totally.

Many time veterinarians will prescribe medicine and drugs for easing the pain of osteoarthritis. These drugs can be very successful for lowering the pain experienced by the animal. However, there has been significant unintended effects in some animals who take these prescriptions drugs. Also, there've even been deaths reported in certain dogs with arthritis because of these products.

In the past couple of years, quite a few veterinarians have been suggesting to pet owners that their dogs can benefit from the product called glucosamine. It is an natural product that the body actually uses for building the tissues inside the joints. It is this tissue that the arthritic disease attacks and degrades. When cartilage tissue is diseased and becomes thin, the bones in the joint are allowed to rub together. This in turn causes the animal great pain as the joint moves and the rubbing happens. There are significant numbers of nerve endings in the living bone tissue and it is this that causes the discomfort related to dog joint arthritis.

Glucosamine sulfate can provide the pet with the building blocks its body needs to rebuild the damaged tissues in the joint. Because this supplement contains all natural ingredients, there are virtually no side effects or negative aspects at all when given to pets.

The only damaging aspect for using the product to treat canine arthritis is that there are no immediate benefits experienced by the one suffering from the disease. It can take several weeks or even several months of daily doses before any significant relief is offered for the animal.

Moreover, the dietary supplement does not stop the progression of the ailment. After the arthritis begins affecting the joints, it will continue to progress at some rate throughout the animal\'s life. However, the glucosamine can help slow down the progression and minimize the effects and symptoms of the painful diseased joints.
Canine owners who have their dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis should think about using glucosamine supplements for treating their animals before trying the possibly dangerous and expensive prescribed medications. Only in very severe cases should the prescription meds be given as a first line of attach for the disease. If that is the course of action the vet suggests, it is important that pet owners know what the the signs of the side effects are and what to do if they are witnessed.


We offer more tips and suggestions to animal owners about dealing with joint joint disease in dogs safely and effectively using glucosamine vitamin supplements.
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