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By: Jamie Simpson
With each passing year, more and more families have had to resort to special means of keeping their homes warm in the winter without breaking their bank accounts. Because of this, it is always a great idea to try to come up with new and unique ways to stay warm and toasty with your own family this holiday season. In addition, as you are brainstorming, it is important to bear in mind that the energy being used to warm your home does have an effect on the environment. Therefore, if you are interested in both reducing your carbon footprint and cutting down on your bills this holiday season, consider the five following tips:

1. Insulating the Household

Unbeknownst to many homeowners, their windows and doors could very well be riddled with openings or cracks that make it difficult to keep the warmth inside. This results in higher energy bills and a greater carbon footprint. The good news is that preventing this problem is easy, inexpensive and effective. After installing plastic lining and caulk in your house, you will notice a significant difference in the monthly utility bills. If you want to take things a step further, check the outside of your house to plug up all of those unwanted openings. This will prevent any drafts from entering your home.

2. Prepare Warm Meals

Is there a chill in your bones this holiday season? Consider trying out some new foods, or dig up a traditional family recipe. Some of the most popular holiday dishes and beverages include tea, stew, hot cocoa and soup. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new foods or recipes. If you are fortunate, perhaps one of your own creations could become a traditional family meal.

3. Install Electric Radiators

If there are any rooms in your house that simply refuse to get any warmer despite your best efforts to keep the wind out, it may be time to invest in a few electric radiators. This is certainly the most cost-effective approach to keeping your household warm during the cold winter months. Electric radiators are also a 'greener' alternative to other space heaters since they consume less electricity and can heat up a room very quickly.

4. Wearing Layers

Bundling up in your warmest clothes would probably be the most practical and simplest solution to staying warm in a draughty house. Wearing layers will guarantee immediate comfort, and it is also the cheapest way to keep warm over the holidays this year if you are working with a particularly tight budget.

5. Gather Around the Fire

Long before the invention of central heating or electricity, families turned to the glowing warmth of the hearth. Gathering around the fireplace is not only an age-old tradition for the wintertime, but it is also one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to heat the home. Additionally, unlike central heating, the fire provides loved ones with a reason to gather together and share the many joys of the holiday season.


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