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By: Adrianna Noton
Prescription eye glasses are a medical device designed to correct vision problems. When you first discover that you have a vision issue that requires corrective lenses, your optometrist will give you the necessary prescription and you can begin your new life as a glasses wearer. After you've selected the frames you want, the lenses will be put in and you'll be on your way.

Of course, a pair of glasses doesn't last forever and the time will come when you need new glasses to replace the old ones. It may take a little time or it may take a lot of time and several different factors are involved, but the day will come. A situation with your glasses frames, the prescription, or both will let you know that you need new eye glasses. Once it becomes apparent that you require a new pair of glasses, it's wise to get into your optometrist's office and get it done as soon as you can.

As far as the actual lenses in your glasses are concerned, you can generally tell if you need new glasses the same way you can tell that you need eyeglasses in the first place. If you're wearing your eyeglasses and you start having trouble seeing regular objects that you were able to see before, it's probably time for an update on your prescription. It's normal for your prescription to change over time, especially for kids or the elderly. If you notice your vision getting a little blurry at times, if you feel added eye strain or headaches, or if you seem to squint while wearing your glasses, it's likely time for a change. If you experience any vision issues with your prescription eye glasses on, make an appointment for an assessment. As time rolls along, the eye condition that caused you to need glasses in the first place may worsen, or you may develop other vision issues that require a stronger prescription.

The other reason you may need to get new glasses is due to the frames. Obviously, if your frames or broken or damaged, you should get yourself a new pair of glasses. If they are in good shape but start to fit your face differently you should also go get a new pair. For kids, it's normal to grow out of your frames. If you've gained weight as an adult they may start to fit differently. If you notice your eyeglasses starting to pinch your nose, dig into your cheek bones or squeeze the sides of your head, it's probably time to at least go in for an adjustment or possibly get a new pair.

If you're going along and your vision seems fine and the frames seem to fit your face well, it's still a good idea to go have your eyes checked out about once a year. Subtle changes in your vision that you may not even notice may benefit from an update in your eyeglasses prescription so a visit to your eye doctor each year is always a good idea.


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