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By: Steve Weber
Have you heard of the miraculous stories about how liquid glucosamine for dogs can sometimes provide? If not, well then I have a story for you! Believe it or not, this is something that really happened to one of our older dogs who had been taking the product for about six months.

One day my wife and I were at a nearby lake where we live. The lake was very low since they had drained much of the water out during the year-long draught our state had been having. We had taken one of our older dogs whose name is Lucky. She has not been in really great health most of her life due to a thyroid problem she was diagnosed with when she was about 3 years old.

But, let us get back to the story now. We were playing fetch with a stick we found on the water's edge. Remember now that Lucky has dog arthritis and has been taking liquid glucosamine for some time now. As I was tossing the stick for her, I began tossing it farther and farther into the lake. I'd say that she had to swim up to a 40 yard round trip with each fetch.

Well, after playing for some time, some boats started getting nearer. They were pulling some small children on some inner tubes which were attached to ropes to the boat. They were not going very fast as the kids were not very old. Well, guess what happened next?

Remember, this story is about the miracles of glucosamine so be ready for an amazing scene I am about to describe. One time I threw the stick way out there and it landed on one of the inner tube rafts they were pulling! But Lucky was not deterred. She put her dog paddle into over-drive and went flying after that raft which was taking her stick away. And she did it. She swam so fast she caught up with those kids and grabbed their tube in her teeth and then reversed course with them in tow! She actually turned the boat around and began towing it back to show.

OK, you of course now are wondering if I might have been a little wild in my story telling here. I admit I might have exaggerated just a bit on the ability of Lucky who is an old 15 years of age. She did not actually drag the boat back to shore. And to be honest, she never caught up with the raft in the first place. But I bet I sure had you going for a while there didn't I?


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