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By: Adrianna Noton
Heating oil has many benefits for the consumer. It warms the house quickly, is safe, efficient, and can save a person money on their energy bills. Smart consumers understand the benefits of having automatic heating oil delivery set up with their local oil company. In addition to being convenient it also helps to save on fuel cost.

A home using oil will warm up quickly. For every 1 gallon burned, 138,000 BTUs of heat is generated and a flame temperature of 3,000 degrees is reached. A family will be able to keep nice and cozy inside the home during even the harshest of winter months.

Heating oil in its liquid state will not burn. Unlike propane or natural gas, this fuel will not explode if there is a build up of product. There is also a naturally built in warning sign if there is ever a build up of Carbon Monoxide (CO). The oil will emit smoke before accumulating to a dangerous level.

Due to recent advances in the design of oil burners, some systems now have efficiency ratings of over 95%. The average annual fuel consumption of a home has gone from 1294 gallons to 833 gallons since 1973. That is a reduction of 35%. Using less fuel also equals a savings for a family's budget. In addition, natural gas and electric heat has cost as much as 40% more to heat with for the past four years.

Automatic delivery is a convenience that can also save the consumer money in addition to the peace of mind that comes with knowing the house will be kept warm. No one wants to run out of fuel when the snow is falling and the temperatures are hitting all time lows. The driver delivers the oil on a regular schedule or if they notice a tank is running low, they will make an extra trip.

Once an agreement or contract has been entered into deliveries will begin on a regular schedule. A homeowner does not need to be present as the driver will leave the bill for the number of gallons they provided. Without the automatic agreement in place a person will have to shop for the best price and then pay when it is delivered.

Another advantage to the system is that most of the contracts will allow the cost to be spread over several months. A person may be making payments for the oil during the summer but they will be happy when it is freezing outside and they are not paying for the extra consumption. The agreements usually also lock in the price of fuel for a year. In addition, there is normally a guarantee that the customer will never run out of oil or the next fill up is free.

If replacing the old furnace or are building a new home, consider using automatic heating oil delivery. Oil provides a safe environment for the family while saving on heating cost. Most companies with auto delivery guarantee you will not run out or they provide the next tank fill up for free. Research your local oil companies and find the company that will suit the needs of you and your family.


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