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By: Steve Weber
Everyone who owns a dog should understand the importance of maintaining a regular and effective dog teeth cleaning program. Some canine owners use a process called dog teeth scaling which is performed the veterinarian's office. The animal is put under general anesthetic and the teeth are cleaned of plaque and tartar at this time. Although this process is highly effective for cleaning canine teeth, there are issues with it regarding its safety because general anesthesia is used. Some dogs, especially smaller dogs and older ones, can sometimes have extremely adverse reactions to the drugs used for putting them to sleep during the process. In fact, some dogs have even died during the procedure.

So what is a pet owner supposed to do with respect to ensuring good dental health in their canine? The reason cleaning dog teeth is so important to keep the tartar and plaque removed from the teeth is the same reason that humans should be diligent on this process also. Heavy buildups on the teeth can lead to harboring bacteria growth in the mouth. Although this is not necessarily bad, since bacteria fill the dogs mouth anyway, the heavy tartar buildup under the gums can lead to bleeding. Any time there is blood present it means that the bacteria located there have direct access to the bloodstream and therefore the rest of the body.

When these bacteria are allowed easy access to the rest of the body they can migrate to other organs and locations and begin multiplying in those areas. In these cases many times body organs such as the liver and kidneys could end up being the target for these massive growths of bacteria. This can be extremely detrimental to the animal leading him or her to be sick and even putting them at risk to die.

Therefore, it's extremely important that all owners of canines understand that dog teeth must be properly cleaned on a regular basis and kept free of heavy tartar and plaque buildups. If pet owners worry about the dangers of dog teeth scaling, there are other safer and natural options available to them for cleaning dog teeth. One of the most common methods many pet owners use is a process of using dog toothbrushes and specialized formulas of cleaning gels and pastes. There are even sprays available for those animals to completely resist the idea of having a toothbrush in their mouth.

It's important to understand that this process of cleaning teeth at home using these all-natural products is highly effective, but it does take time to break the dog into the idea of having something for and into their mouth on a regular basis. Although the products work very well, the biggest issue that people have when attempting this process on their own is convincing their animals to allow them to do it without stressing or causing undue misbehavior during the process.

Pet owners should seek out information on this process for how to get their animal used to the idea of having their teeth cleaned with a tooth brush. There is information available online for the best methods that can be used to safely and effectively allow the owner to successfully clean their dogs teeth.


On our website we have plenty of information about dog teeth cleaning using completely natural and safe products.
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