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By: Jason Lom
Corporate events are enormously complex undertakings, and adding another straw to the camel's back doesn't always seem like a good idea. But if you add the relatively small expense of a professional event video production team, you can perform a small miracle: you can extend the event's message and efficacy a long ways into the future.

Of course, just having a camera crew there filming everything will create a memoir, but not a purposed event video. For that, you need planning. Start by looking at the purpose of the event, and brainstorming which parts of it would best convey that purpose to someone watching the movie a year later. If your message is a new corporate mission statement, lots of film of the CEO handing out an Employee of the Year award isn't going to be helpful -- concentrate on the message.

Knowing your target audience ahead of time will help a bit. Are you going to show this to store managers? Division managers? New-hire CSRs? Focusing your content around the level of operation you'll be targeting with the message later will go a long way toward creating a purpose-driven event video. Production and post-production can do a lot to change the message after the fact, but you can't ever add content you didn't film, so get an idea of who you're shooting for beforehand.

Grab a schedule of the event and go over not just who will be on stage talking and where the funniest parts of the obstacle course will be, but where the biggest obvious logos are and how to catch them on camera. Make certain that every speaker knows that the cameras are on, where they're going to be, and -- this is important -- they all know either to ignore them or to talk to them. Don't mix and match.

Corporate event video production is a balancing act when it comes to length. On the one hand, it's possible to over-edit and fail to deliver the message simply because the video isn't long enough to sink in. On the other hand, if you dilute the message with too much filler or off-message material, you can fail to deliver that way as well.

Once you know what you want your video to be and everyone that will be on camera or otherwise involved knows their roles, it's time to call in a professional video company. That means an event video production house with experience doing this kind of thing. There are several such houses in every major city in the US; it's just a matter of getting in touch with them. Don't let them take creative control away from you -- but encourage them to take care of the details. That will take stress off of your head and let you concentrate on the important details.

The entire process should be very straightforward: put in the planning ahead of time, get the professionals to take care of the details, and make sure everyone knows WHY they're doing what they're doing. The end result should be an event video that you can use for decades to come.


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