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By: Steve Weber
Okay, before you laugh at the title of this article, let me assure you that there are stranger things it could have been titled. For example, did you know there are actually air-conditioned dog houses available on the market today. No, I'm not talking about simply a window and a fan in the dog house, I mean there are actually dog houses that are cooled with the same type of air conditioner that cools your home. As for the solar powered dog house, it may be simpler than you think to build one yourself.

First of all, I will assume that you have basic skills when it comes to measuring and cutting boards. I also expect that you have some knowledge of power tools and the safe use of them. Assuming all this is true, simply go online and do a search in one of the search engines for dog house plans. There are sites available which sell these but also there are others that give them away for free. I suggest simply using one of the free set of plans and keeping it simple. You probably won't build a find an actual set of plans for building a solar powered dog house, but we can modify the plans that you do find.

Let's assume the plans are for a conventional looking dog house with a traditional roof and door. You will go ahead and build the sides, the back, the floor, and the front part of the house in much the same way as the plan state. However, for the roof, you will build a frame and leave it open without putting the outside wood on just yet. Instead of putting the word on as the plan state, you will go to the local lumberyard and purchase some plexiglass siding that is easy to work with and cut. This siding will be the roof which will allow the sun to shine through and thus warm the inside of the dog house in the winter time. Your dog will greatly appreciate this free and natural heating process giving him or her a warm place to sleep. Also, if you make the dog house yourself, you can include some bricks for the floor which will help hold the heat through much of the night for the dog. You would of course put a soft rug on top of the bricks giving him or her a nice place to sleep on the warmed tile floor.

Of course when summertime comes, you'll not want the sun shining in and heating up the dog house to high temperatures. In the summer months your dog needs a cool place to sleep. In this case, you make provisions and have the necessary wood roof ready and in storage which can simply be screwed onto the top of the acrylic plastic roof material. Be sure and drill the holes and have them ready to go when it's time to simply screw the wood roof on which will cover the clear plastic. In this way your dog has the best of both worlds with a solar heated and warm dog house in the winter time and a shaded and cool dog house in the summertime.


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