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By: Steve Weber
You're lucky to have come across this article if you have a dog who has dog arthritis and you are looking for a safe canine osteo-arthritis medicine. Nearly every dog suffers from the incurable joint disease to some degree as they age. Small breeds suffer less from canine arthritis than larger breeds; this is because of the extra weight carried by the larger breeds, which places additional stress on their joints.

Veterinarians unfortunately prescribe common canine arthritis medicine for dogs once a dog has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. If you love your dog, you should know that these can harm your beloved pet. Deaths and bad side effects aren't unusual. When doing an Internet search for the medication the vet prescribed, use the terms "side effects" or "dangers" along with the name of the drug. Numerous people have reported unwanted effects from this pharmaceutical.

To help treat your dog's arthritis without the use of medication, you can also give your pet glucosamine, which too helps alleviate the symptoms. Instead of simply addressing the painful symptoms, knowledgeable vets have been using these over the years to combat the actual problem. Arthritic damage within the joints is rebuilt and regenerated by the glucosamine. Most of the prescribed medications for canine arthritis do harm, although this one is no way harmful as others.

Glucosamine, a form of canine arthritis medicine is effective at treating pet arthritis mostly because there are no side effects. The product is entirely safe and derived naturally. It has no side effects that would preclude usage over a long period. The one downfall is that it does not give the dog immediate relief from its pain. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the what kind of dog you have and how serious the joint disorder is. Though the majority of dogs will respond in some manner, not every dog will. But, in some situations some dogs react very well to it. There are some amazing accounts of dogs recovering at least temporarily from this disease.

Remember, dog arthritis has no known remedy. Though the medication simply hides the pain of canine arthritis yet the glucosamine supplement in the medication can add several years to your dog's life as it keeps the joints as healthy as possible. Keep in mind that positive results when taking glucosamine supplements can take time, so your arthritis symptoms may not improve right away. Do not abandon the treatment. It's important not to discontinue the safe, inexpensive products before you see how beneficial they can be for your dog. Purchase a supply that will last at least three months and administer the supplement for that amount of time to monitor the dog's response.


For additional information about the treatment of joint disease using canine arthritis medicine such as natural liquid glucosamine supplements, visit our web site.
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