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By: Adrianna Noton
When you acquire contact lenses, you need to get an eye exam that includes special tests that are not normally preformed during traditional eye exams for eyeglasses. To acquire contact lenses, you will need a contact lens prescription which is different than an eyeglasses prescription. Below is a guide on eye exams for contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fitting

When you go to your optician for an eye exam, the optician will perform series of tests to determine your eye health and for a correct contact lens fitting. Using an eye chart, your visual acuity will be tested. The optician will do a series of eye tests that will include a refraction test to find out if there are any refractive errors.

After the eye exam testing is complete, your optician will collect information for fitting contact lenses. This can include questions about lifestyle, contact lenses preferences such as colored contact lenses, overnight wear lenses, daily disposables, extended wear disposables, etc. The optician will also determine if you should have soft contact lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses such as if you have a condition called astigmatism.

If you are older, your optician will look for a condition called presbyopia which decreases the ability to read fine print. You may be offered a choice of either multifocal or bifocal contact lenses. There are also monovision lenses that corrects one eye for distance vision and the other eye is corrected for near vision

Contact Lens Measurements

The following methods are used to measure your eyes for contacts. A device known as a keratometer is used to measure the curvature of your eye's cornea. The keratometer analyzes light reflections from your cornea and determines the curvature of the surface of the eye. The measurements assist the optician with determining the correct size and curve for your contacts. Computerized measurements of your cornea may also be performed. Corneal topography analyzes photographic images taken of the way light projected into your eye travels. A computer produces and prints out a surface mapping of your eye. Displayed are various contours of the eye which is illustrated by various colors. The test helps the optician determine the type of contact lenses that will give you the sharpest vision,

If your eye's surface is irregular because of astigmatism, you may need to have contacts called Toric contact lenses which are shaped to offset distortions of the eye in order to provide clear and sharp vision. Toric lenses are also available in multifocal, extended wear, disposable, and colored lenses. Contact lens fittings may also include a tear film evaluation.

Buying Contact Lenses Online

When you buy contact lenses, a great resource is the internet. There are reputable online contact lens sellers that offer a wide range of contacts at greatly discounted prices. You can even get contact lenses for astigmatism and other eye conditions. You will be required to submit a recent prescription when your order your contact lenses online. Buying contact lenses online is an easy and very affordable way to get the contact lenses you need for sight correction.


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