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By: Dirik Hameed
The electronic cigarette provides an alternate route to smoking without the thousands of harmful chemicals included in regular cigarettes. Nicotine is the prime reason why smokers get addicted to cigarettes. Along with nicotine cigarettes also deliver thousands of other toxic materials. Many of these toxins are the primary reason for cancer and other life threatening diseases among smokers. The ecig starter kit however delivers only nicotine in vaporized form. Electronic cigarettes are even fashioned the same way as regular cigarettes so that smokers can get used to it. Electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco so you are free to smoke away in public places.

The liquid substance inside electronic cigarettes is called e-liquid. E-liquids are devoid of tar and carbon monoxides contained in regular cigarettes. It is guaranteed by the producers of e-liquids that no harmful toxin other than nicotine is involved during the production of the liquid substances. E-liquid contains solutions like propylene glycol, which is used as vegetable glycerin. This solution is as harmless as water and it is FDA approved. The other ingredients included are nicotine, water, scent and membrane.

Different manufacturers tend to use different ingredients and some of them have been flagged by the FDA. The manufacturers that have been flagged mostly used diethylene glycol. It is highly recommended to check the ingredients of any e-liquid, before inhaling its contents.

Electronic cigarettes are compiled of three primary parts: battery, cartridge and atomizer. The battery powers the atomizer and the LED light at the front. The disposable cartridge holds the e-liquid. The liquid nicotine is heated to vapor by the atomizer. To give the same feeling the atomizer creates water vapor that looks exactly the same as water vapors. The LED light at the front imitating a real fire also makes it look more real.

Electronic cigarettes can contain flavors of your choosing. You have choices like chocolate, strawberry, menthol, coffee, vanilla etc. Actual tobacco flavors are available for those who like the traditional taste.

Electronic cigarettes can be of great help to those who wish to quit smoking. They work far better than most programs and nicotine patches. Electronic cigarettes act as a nicotine delivery system that removes the need for tobacco among smokers. Many chain smokers have used it to forget their drive for tobacco. A smoker's social life can benefit a lot from electronic cigarettes. The passive smoking issue becomes void when using electronic cigarettes. Many smokers face awkward situations due to the odor of traditional cigarettes. The odors clinging to the cloths of the smoker do not help either. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand can be equipped with sweet smells.

The empty cartridges can be refilled with e-liquid or replaced by one that is pre-filled. In all retrospect electronic cigarettes do seem far better than real cigarettes in every way.


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