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By: Steve Weber
There are countless databases available where the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the missing person you are looking for may be found. This differs starkly from times past when only private investigators had access to some of these state and local databases which are now available at her fingertips online to find a lost person.

It's quite easy nowadays to find the landline number for about any person in the US and even abroad. But finding the cell phone number to a given individual can be problematic at best. You see, the telephone providers do not list the numbers of cell phones in any directories as they do landline numbers. This is probably a good thing and eliminates many of the annoying sales type calls that we receive our land lines. Once the land lines are in place, there is almost no cost involved for telephone calls to the providers. However, that's not true when it comes to cell phone calls. Cell phone calls require bandwidth over the airwaves and thus each call has a cost associated with it. That's why there is no directory for cell phone numbers where you might find a missing person's address or number . To find a person cell phone number, the easiest way is to ask friends of that person who may know it. Of course if you knew the people's friends well enough to ask them for that number you my very will build find that person him or herself anyway. There is a better way to find a person cell phone number if you have access to the Internet.

Simply go to one of the major online search engine such as Google or Yahoo and type in the person's name quotes along with the state or the area code in which you think they may reside. It's very important to include quotation marks around the persons name so that only search results that contain that exact phrase match will show up in the search results from the search engines.

And as stated above, if you do in fact know the person's last known state or city of residence, be sure to include that in the search. This will dramatically reduce the number of search results when looking for a person cell phone number. It may seem amazing that you can find a cell number in this manner, but you'd be surprised as to how many people fill out online web forms using their cell phone number as the callback. Oftentimes, this information goes into databases which eventually ends up online and indexed by places like Yahoo and Google. Then it's only a matter of doing a quick search for the persons name and perhaps the city of their last known residence in order to cross reference and match the name with the cell phone number.

If this doesn't work, there are other options available for people looking for these numbers. The above description offers a way to find the cell phone number for free, but there are paid options available to anyone online also. There are many services that require a small fee to perform such checks to find people and or their cell phone numbers.

These services range in price between $20-$200. Credit cards are used to make payment but the good thing is that usually these types of services do not charge the credit card unless a successful search is accomplished. Be sure and read the terms of service for all of these companies that you may deal with in order to determine when and if your credit card will be charged and what they deem to be a successful search. Their idea of success in your idea of a successful finding of a person cell phone number may not be the same thing. In other words, it may take some verification that in fact that retrieve number does belong to the person whom you are looking for.


Looking for a lost person has never been so easy than by using the World-wide-web search technology available today. It is often easy and simple to find a person fast for free on the internet with our very simple tips explained on our web site.
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