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By: Steve Weber
One of the scariest moments a pet owner can have is while taking their dog for a walk on a leash other larger and mean looking dogs approach. It would be nice if everyone kept their dogs on a leash or in a fence, but this of course is not the case. Too many times when walking your dog down the street other dogs may be loose and approach out of interest or with bad intentions in mind.

Of course if your dog is very small, you simply need to pick the dog up if these larger meter dogs approach. In most cases the approaching dogs will not continue to think of attack or even instigate aggressive behavior when she picked the animal up. But if taking the dog up is not an option because you are older or the dog is too large, you must understand what to do in these situations in order to keep both you and your animal safe.

I'll tell you a story about a time I was walking my dog into very large dogs approached. In fact, they didn't just approach, they came running at us in full attack mode. I had only seconds to think about what to do. My dog was a large female German Shepherd and of course I was not able to pick her up. But what idea was simply grab her caller, as she was acting aggressive also towards the coming dogs, and I stepped between her and the approaching to dogs. At the same moment, I stood very tall and strong and pointed my finger at the dogs and get a very loud and firm no command.

Believe it or not, the to dogs stopped in their tracks about 20 feet away. Of course there were still growling and agitated and it was a very scary situation as my dog was also very angry acting. Fortunately, the owner came running to get the dogs with some leashes in hand. She was able to control the dogs from that point and allow us to walk on.

I guess the most important thing that idea it was to not panic and to be very assertive towards the approaching animals. Had we tried to run or move away or act frightened anyway, I feel very certain the situation could perhaps have been deadly to my female dog. These dogs were large and big bodied in size and acted very aggressive. I have no doubt there would've been a fight and of course two on one would not have turned out well for my female canine.

We never want to expect the worst, but when you're a walking your dog always think about what you would do should something like this happen to you. Again, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to remain calm and to be very strong acting towards the approaching dogs. And one last thing, should there be a dogfight, it will be all but impossible for you to break it up. More than likely you will simply end up getting hurt if you attempt to do this by yourself. In most cases, one of the dogs will submit at some point in the fight will be over.


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